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  1. So ideally, I should look for a 12 degree Sub Zero to launch the heck out of it, but with low spin. I agree with you, I need to part with the $$ and have a professional fitter take a look. There is no way around it which the cheap part of me cannot accept. Thank you for your thoughts!
  2. As I've turned 52 and my kids get older, more time consuming and irritable, my driver swing speed has dropped a bit. I saw that My Golf Spy ranked the Epic Flash Sub Zero as the best driver for slower swing speeds and if they say it, I believe it. I love that My Golf Spy bases its recommendations on data and results, not how many pages an equipment company is buying in their magazine. My question is how does the Sub Zero work for slow swing speeds? Isn't it a spin killer? Doesn't the ball need spin to elevate and carry and slower swings don't impart a ton of spin in the first place? I'm n
  3. Dave St.Clair, West Chester PA Radley Run Country Club, West Chester PA Baltusrol Golf Club, Springfield NJ Sankaty Head Golf Club, SiaSconset MA I get my yardages from the 150 and 200 yard plaques in the ground on our course and then estimating distance from those markers. Having played enough golf, I can feel based on the day- cold, wind, how purely I'm hitting it, etc what the stick should be. It works pretty well, but at least every other round, a ball is left horribly short or it is still rising as it goes over the green. If I'm playing a private course, I get the yard
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