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  1. Tim/ Sacramento/ 25/ I have played zing 2 , isi/ now g2/ 140
  2. Tidevo Sactown don’t know but slow tour soft what ever helps the best
  3. I have played pings for last 35 years
  4. First Name/State or Country of residence Tim Handicap 24 Current irons in Play Ping G3 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 150 to 160 yds
  5. Tim/California/22/No. But I will be glad to try. Putting needs help!
  6. Tim California. Ping G3. I could use a lot of help in all aspects of the game. Putting would my best chance to improve my game. HELP PLEASE
  7. Maybe, just maybe, Tiger might have just one more roar.
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