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  1. Two very good pieces of advice have been offered: 1. Newer shafts will probably be your best investment and; 2. Take you clubs and hit them along with new and used irons. Iron technology has not changed that much in the last 5 years and you may be able to get a 'newer set at a discount.

    I also have a Ping Anser and went to a putter fitting. The fitter watched a few putts and said you don't need a new putter just better alignment and aim routine. Gave me a lesson and I was good to go. 

    My point is go to a fitter who will provide an honest evaluation.

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  2. George/California

    Odyssey White Hot Tour # 2-33 inch

    Right handed

    I have successfully used my current putter over ten years but lately i have been missing putts to my right. I have taken a lesson to correct my alignment and have worked on my swing path and have achieved some success. I have never tried a mallet putter and if i get properly fitted I would like to field compare it to my current putter

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