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  1. Hello all! Thought I would chime in on this putter since I've owned it for a few months now. I had been using a Ping Ketch mallet putter since the beginning of the year. (I am relearning the game left handed this year due to a back issue and decided to do so with the putter as well) I had been putting fairly well with it but found it a bit hard to line up and I didn't love it, like all putters I have owned. I saw the testing and reviews on this putter and decided to buy it online sight unseen. I tend to like a longer putter and got it in the 35” model. (Aside: A member of the forum let me know that it could be bought here in Canada on golfworks.ca as we don't have Dick's here, so thank you whoever you were. It was $130 Canadian. It arrived super well packed, maybe better than any other golf club I've ever gotten in the mail. There were two small scratches on the putter shaft. I decided to email golfworks and see what they had to say about it. The service was incredible and the best I've ever had online. They got back to me within an hour with an apology and said they would ship out a new one that day and they had a shipping label for me to return mine with. For me the scratch's weren't a big deal and I offered them to refund me $15-20 and I'd keep it. They did me even better and gave me their cost on it and refunded the difference! Unreal service. I will buy all my grips etc. from them going forward.) Ok, back to the review! The putter fit my eye immediately. I have only ever had one other golf club where I just knew I was going to hit it well and that I'd love it at first sight. It was a Cobra knockoff driver I won in the 90's in a closest to the pin contest. This putter was the same way. I just knew I was going to love it and play well with it. I have played ten rounds so far and only six three putts. My first round with it I swooped and won three skins with a twenty foot putt and did it again later in the round with a thirty five foot putt for three more skins (The guys weren't mocking me anymore for having a Tommy Armour putter after that haha)! I do not normally sink many long putts. My longest previous this year wouldn't have been any longer than fifteen feet. It is really well balanced, the pistol grip is actually very comfortable (I may replace it with something different down the road, we'll see) and I think it looks good. The head cover I can't say the same for, it's pretty ugly and doesn't fit on that well. That's a fairly minor issue, especially considering the price and performance of this putter. On long putts I can easily line it up and it's no different on the short ones. The feel is just right for me, not too firm and not too soft, so they got the insert just right. I just have so much confidence with this thing that I can't say enough about it. I would have paid five times as much if I knew it was going to make this kind of difference in my game. My putting stats show that I've dropped almost four strokes off my rounds. I was averaging thirty six PPR and now it's down to thirty two I took no lessons and used no training aids. It was all the putter. If someone would have told me a putter would shave three to four strokes off my game I would have laughed at you! Bottom line is I love this putter. What a value the guys at Dicks have come up with....they made a world class putter for the $100 range. Thank you MY GOLF SPY, without this site I would never have given this a chance. You saved me spending $400+ on an Evenroll, so thank you guys for that. Looks – 7/10 Feel – 9/10 Alignment – 10/10 Value – 11/10 Overall – 9/10 – I highly, highly recommend this putter.
  2. I got mine the other day, just inside practice so far with the pitching cord. I'm going to try and hit the range with it in the next few days if my pride can take it. I've been striking it horrible for almost 2 months now. I can barely fly my 7i 90 yards. Learning left handed has been really tough but if this thing helps me you know it's legit. I haven't hit a solid shot in 6 weeks at least.
  3. Been enjoying the NX9 a lot. I'm thinking of trying to use it with my push cart (magnet). Just gotta figure out a spot...
  4. I am considering getting this too. Glad to hear the feedback is pretty good.
  5. James/Alberta Canada Handicap - 34 Current irons - 2016 Apex Callaway Carry distance of 7i - 125 yards Thanks guys!
  6. Hi, We didn't stay at the lodge but we did eat there. Great food and the view is spectacular. Just an uncredible course too!
  7. Well let us know how it goes please. Kale seemed like a good guy for sure, just not really into what he was doing in my opinion. That's a good idea about the Titleist fitting events.
  8. I booked an iron fitting with them. I am relearning the game left handed and just bought a used set earlier in the year. I wanted to see if they were spec'd correctly for me. If not I was open to buying new clubs. They used a lie board which I found out they should never use. (Its thickness changes the ball hight which can change the lie angle) The guy that fit me just had me hit maybe a dozen balls. 20 max. All with the 7i. He said I could use a stiff shaft and that I was standard/standard. That was it. Over in 15 minutes. He didn't get me to try different shafts or clubs at all. I found out some of my irons were cut down for some reason so they added shims in to get my length back to standard length. When I picked them up they were filthy. They didn't clean off the solvent or glue. For some reason there was grease on them and it got on me. For what I paid at least wipe them down. Then out of the four clubs they added shims to my 6i shim came loose a month later and then my 7i a month after that. Just shoddy work and although they fixed them for free I am not impressed. Oh I also asked him if they check all the sets they order in to make sure the loft and lie is correct to the spec ordered and he said no because it would take all day to do as they get about a dozen sets in a day. That is nonsense. Who is the guy that is doing the fitting? The guy that did mine and the repairs was Kale. Nice guy but no passion at all. I was excited to get fit and I asked him if he loved what he does for a living and he just kind of shrugged. I can guarantee if I had a fitting like the guy in the video I posted did, I would have bought a new set that day.
  9. Hey all, Does anyone here know of a good club fitter in Calgary? I have been let down at Ted and Dave's, it takes several days to get a response from any of the others I've contacted. It's like they don't care if you use them or not. I get not getting back over the weekend but 4 or 5 days to someone looking to get fit? Or no response at all to a phone message? The customer service is terrible here for some reason. There is a huge opportunity in Calgary for a fitter that gives a s*** about their customers. Any suggestions are appreciated guys! I saw this video and it blew away my experience of being fit in the past. This is what I'd like to experience. Starts around 2:30 if you want to skip ahead. 4:08 it gets really good. I'm not saying that he's bang on with everything but no doubt he cares about his customers. I found some of the stuff he is talking about pretty surprising. Thanks
  10. Stage 1 updated with pics and video! NX9 was waiting on my porch last night when I got home. Hope I can get to the range tomorrow to test it out!
  11. I just got back from golfing three rounds at the Cape Breton Highlands (Links) in Nova Scotia, Canada - "Links" is in brackets because they have changed the name as it's not actually a real links course but was called that since 1941 when it opened. It was designed by Canada's best arcitech Stanley Thompson. It is knows as his "Ocean and Mountains" course. The front nine starts right beside the Atlantic and then vears off into the Cape Breton Highlands after hole 6. From 7-15 you feel as if you are just gone from civilization. The course is beautiful and tough, especially when the winds blow off the Atlantic. It plays only 6600 yards from the tips but the slope is 141 so it's no pushover for long hitters. Every lie is different and you'll have almost none that are flat. The greens are small and the layout is just a challenge from the first hole to the last. Course conditions were 8/10 (the course had fallen off but new management has done a very good job) and is currently ranked 87th in the world. Incredible view after incredible view, if you are going to be going to Cabot, take a few extra days to play The Highlands. You won't regret it! Replay-ability - 10/10 Conditions - 8/10 Staff - 8/10 Design - 9/10 Setting - 10/10 Overall 9/10 Oh and the breakfast sandwich was bought at the perrywinkle cafe, if you are in that area, it's a must stop.
  12. Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate that. It's been really great getting to relearn the game again. My absence just made me love it more and I really sympathize with what beginners are going through. Got to play the course I grew up playing last week, The Cape Breton Highlands! It is a top 100 in the world and it was in great shape. It is my favorite place to be in the world. 3 rounds walking, in two days too, perfect weather! I just added a few pics from the trip to my post! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/32421-2019-official-forum-member-review-precision-pro-nx9-hd-rangefinder/?do=findComment&comment=556978
  13. Stage Two – Precision Pro NX9 – Official MGS Forum Review by FromRightToLeft, Sept. 10th, 2019 So to continue the review, I ended up getting right around 15 rounds in with this device. I have been really struggling with my switch to left handed golf the last two months and am only coming out of it somewhat now. That said I did a lot of testing. I compared it to my Garmin watch, then my new Bushnell Phantom GPS. My home course has a lot of hazards around the greens. They are environmental areas that make about 7 greens almost island greens. The NX9 had the most value for me in these situations. Also in the forced carries as I am not hitting the ball long right now. Some of these things the GPS doesn’t show. Looks & Feel (8 out of 10 points) It fit in my hand perfectly (I am a ML glove size) and the rubber for the eye socket was really comfortable. I was surprised that I liked the bright green but I did. The durability and build quality seem very high. I dropped it a few times and there were no issues. I think if you buy one of these you’ll be good for many years without having to replace it. The storage case is fantastic. It has a great zipper but also even when you have the zipper open it is designed so that your range finder falling out would be pretty unlikely. In fact mine never fell out once with the zipper open. Setup (11 out of 15 points) The instructions for the NX9 are simple enough. The only thing I had to look at was the slope setting. It says “M1” for no slope and “M2” for slope setting. This I just don’t understand. Why make it so close? Why not have nothing on the screen if there is no slope on and “SL” or just “S” when it’s on? What does “M1 or M2” mean to anyone? This is poorly thought out and bad design in my opinion. I didn’t end up talking to customer service as the one issue I had resolved itself (more on this to come). Accuracy (12 out of 15 points) So, I had an issue for a few rounds where I would tag something and it wouldn’t come off the screen. So I accidentally tag a tree behind the flag for example and I know the yardage is wrong at 100 yards. Its max 80 yards. So I hit the button to laser the flag again but the 100 yards won’t go away no matter what I try and tag. The golf cart 10 yards away still says 100 yards. This “getting stuck” in a yardage happened several times over a few rounds and then just stopped happening. The last 10 rounds I’ve not had an issue. My other major issue was that it would tag trees behind flags very often instead of the flag. This could mean having to try two or three times to get a yardage. As far as being accurate when you did tag the correct target it was awesome. Bang on to what my Bushnell GPS was saying and Garmin watch. On-Course (30 out of 40 points) So, on the course it was really intuitive to just grab this and take it out once I got used to having it. I have a magnetic pocket so that helped I think (I walk with a push cart). I didn’t use the magnet on a cart since I'm a walker, but it’s super strong when I tested it on my fridge! I would also say that using a range finder often added probably 5-10 mins to my round when I was using the NX9. Just always having to find the target, double check it etc. added 10-15 seconds at least per shot. I have used a Garmin watch and now a Bushnell Phantom GPS. I have to say I prefer the GPS in most instances. You just look down and you’re done. No taking it out, bringing it up to the eye, finding the target and then re-tagging it at least once or twice to make sure yardage is correct. My skill is also not high enough to need more than front, center, back of the green. I also hate playing slow. As far as a range finder goes this was the best one I have ever used. It is very fast to tag and the screen is really clear. Mis-tagging trees was annoying though. I have owned a couple of basic Bushnell range finders in the past and the NX9 blew them out of the water; it was faster, more accurate and fit in my hand better than any of the other rangefinders. The NX9 also had a much better screen than anything I’ve used before. The slope feature was really cool to have in certain spots as well although it feels like cheating....hah. I have to say despite some annoyances I played better with the range finder than without it. As I mentioned, my home course has a lot of environmental areas near or around the greens and on forced carries off the tee. I would have under-clubbed many times without the NX9. Play it or Trade it? (15 out of 20 points) After much consideration I would have to say I would want this in my bag in any competitive match. For “pleasure golf” or say with nothing on the line I don’t think I’d use it more than a half dozen times a round. My GPS would be good enough in most cases. Part of that might be that I’m a beginner again now playing left handed and general yardages are more than fine for me. When I was a single digit I think I would use it much, much more. I think the NX9 would be geared towards pretty much anyone that needs accurate distances on the courses they play but more so for the better players. I feel that way about all range finders though. For a fifteen cap or above like me, a GPS with front, middle, back is more than enough in most cases. Everyone can use one of these for doglegs, forced carries and hazards not shown on GPS devices however. I also love it for the driving range. It's really handy there to tag different targets, be it a dark patch of ground or a marker. For myself being a high handicap right now with limited disposable income, I don’t think I would shell out the extra money for it above and beyond my GPS. Once I get down below a fifteen index I think I would then very likely buy one. Conclusion The NX9 was by far the best rangefinder I have used. It was really accurate with distances and fast to tag. My main issues were; not knowing if the slope was on or off due to poor graphic design and that it would miss-tag trees fairly often behind flags. Overall it’s something I’d want in my bag, especially when I get below that fifteen index. Final Score: 76/100 Quick Video Review
  14. July 14, 2019 (FYI I was away on a holiday so I have not received my rangefinder yet. I should have it this week I think and will complete stage 1 then.) UPDATE! - The NX9 has arrived! My first unboxing video, I apologize for the camera. I was trying to do it one handed and although it was in landscape mode it was upside down and this is the best I could do! Next video will be better! First off I want to thank MGS and Precision for the opportunity, I really apprecaite it. I love golf gear and new tech. I’m from Eastern Canada, Cape Breton Island to be specific. I live in Calgary, Alberta now and have for some time. The first time I was really aware of golf was when I was nine and I watched Jack Nicklaus win the Masters in 1986. It was a rainy spring day and there was nothing on TV but it. I was captivated for that day. I think I had goosebumps. A few years later I saw Ian Baker Finch win the British Open and I immediately thought of that little nine-hole course my school bus drove by every day and had that feeling of excitement I still get in my gut when I go golfing. Nobody in my family played but I called up right then and asked if they were open yet. The owner gave me a confusing answer to me at the time. “The Flags aren’t in yet.” I had no clue what that meant and assumed he meant he was open. I went up the next day and despite them being closed he let me and my cousin’s play. I was the only one that kept playing after that day. 30 years later and I still love the game just as much. I’m a total addict. I got down to an eight index and leveled out at around a ten, up until two years ago. I think I mostly love the game because it’s really man against himself. It’s the ultimate test of self control. If you think you’re good at hiding your bad side, golf will sort that out and show you what you are. It shows you the truth. You can cheat if you want but you'll know the truth, there's no way around it. Golf is like your big sister growing up. She'll find all your weak spots and expose them. Anyway, a few years ago I was having major back issues but wanted to get my first round of the year in anyway. This is May 23rd, 2017. We get started on the back nine and on the twelfth hole I took a swing despite knowing my back was bad and heard a sickening “CRACK” and I dropped like a rock. I managed to get back to the parking lot and an Ambulance had to take me to the hospital from there. Found out I had disc issues, a compression fracture and osteoporosis. I got tested for everything under the sun as for a man my age (39 at the time), it’s rare to have osteo. Luckily (it often means bone cancer) for me it was just a genetic thing. With osteo, the disc issues and my stupidity it was a perfect storm haha! Two years later and I’m back golfing again but learning left handed as it’s easier on my back. Just got a bone scan done and I’m increasing density due to exercise and medication. I’m currently a 34 index. My worst round is 138 and my low 104 from the wrong side of the ball. I don’t know if there could be anyone happier to be back golfing. I honestly didn’t know if it would ever be an option so the scores are secondary to that, however I’m a competitive s.o.b. so I want to get good again. My goal this year is to break 90 although it’s been tough learning left handed so that is pretty ambitious. My putting is pretty good and my short game is coming nicely. I’m not hitting full shots solid at all, that is my biggest issue. I used to be a pretty long hitter so averaging 170 yards off the tee right now is a bit crappy to be honest. Doesn't mean I don't appreciate being out there, I do. Here is my current swing: I bought all used clubs (except for the Hogan wedge which is new) with graphite reg shafts as I assumed my club head speed wouldn’t get high enough to need stiff. We’ll see I guess. I din't get fit as I didn't know if I'd be able to even really play. Here is my setup: 917 D2 - 10.5 G 5 wood G 7 wood G400 4 Hybrid G400 5 Hybrid Apex PW-6I - Recoil shafts Equalizer SW MacDaddy C Grind LW Ketch Mallet I have a Garmin vivoactive smart watch that has a gps. I’m not thrilled with it to be honest, it's a pain in the butt to use and very basic. I love golf gear and have had range finders in the past as well. I think both GPS and range finders have their uses. My old rangefinder was slow so I didn’t like it. I have Game Golf too but it doesn’t work that well in my opinion. Love the stats though. I hope having this range finder will make it easier for me to judge how far I'm hitting my clubs and will help me over-club instead of under-club which is what I tend to do. I also really need it for the range as the targets aren't marked when I go usually. Or they are but not to the stall. Again, I'll update the post when I get my new NX9! Edit: Some pics from the trip including the best breakfast sandwich I've ever had.
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