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  1. Well taken care of had for fourteen years. Upgraded due to club champion fitting. Currently on eBay as well for 215 plus shipping.
  2. Ha I’ll get one up as soon as the matching cobra ultralight bag comes in next week. I like the stroke lab a lot, first change In quite some time so some growing pains. I liked the feel and sound very much. I also like how the tuttle frames the ball and sleek look of it, and it’s uniformity in terms of shape. I have been making more putts but that could be the new putter phenomenon. I can’t say if it’s been improving my stroke but my putts Per round have gone down for sure. It’s been excellent close range. Still having some difficulty with lag puts, its about 2 out of every 10 right now that are pretty horrendous which is true on the course and practice green.
  3. Hi, new to the forum. Currently a resident physician and golf is helping to keep me sane through the long hours. It is a great escape to think about nothing but your next shot for 3 to 4 hours. Been playing golf for 20 years with a 10 year hiatus of only 5 rounds over that span after deciding to leave the school team and pursue medical school. Recently starting playing more in the last year and getting my game back together. currently playing at an 8.6 index which will likely be the apex for the next few years with a newborn on the way any day now. Started visiting my golf spy for their data centric reviews. And was introduced to the forum via contests. My borderline (ok actual) obsession with golf will be well served with an outlet like this. Also my wife will be happy to hear less about golf. In southern NJ, playing out of rancocas golf club due to cheap membership that allows enough left over money to play other tracts, and balling on a budget. Will play all over the region. We have a wealth of architecture including multiple Donald Ross courses. Unfortunately many are private. Jeffersonville in PA(a public Donald Ross) Scotland run, sea view, Atlantic City cc and ballamore are all pretty good public tracts in the South Jersey region. Downside is snow, but w proper attire can play all winter if no snow on ground. I am a resident physician in internal medicine aspiring for cardiology fellowship. Happy to have this wonderful life of golf introduced at a young age thanks to my Dad.
  4. Cobra F8+ fujikura atmos red ts 6s Callaway rogue 4 wood fujikura pro 7s Ping g25 20 degree fujikura pro 8r+ cobra forged tec black 5-g oban ct115 r+ cleveland cg10 52 stock cleveland rtx3 56 60 stock odyssey stroke lab Tuttle flow tp5
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