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  1. You are new to golf so I am going to do you a huge favour. Don’t listen to anything on here except this: See a pro for at least 6 lessons. You move well, and there is no limit to how good you can get at this game, but it will take some instruction and lots of practice Some of the advice I have read in the replies to your post are dead wrong and will make your swing worse. I know a few swing tips and drills that would help you but I’m not going to tell you them. Even if the perfect fix is found in the replies here, the results don’t come right away, and the feel is usually very strange while developing new skills. You will be left not knowing A) whether you are incorporating the advice properly, and B) if that advice is even good to begin with. This road will lead to nowhere. See a pro. You are athletic and with a pro you can develop your own move into the ball that will be long and accurate. They will provide the necessary feedback as you learn. 6 lessons in your first year and then probably one at the start of each season for the next three and you will be well on your way to a solid, repeatable golf swing.
  2. Tier 5: Fred Couples Winning score: -12 How do I know my Tier 1-4 picks are entered properly? Sorry, I am new.
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