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  1. Hi folks, I am 58 years old and looking to get a new set of irons. I will go get fitted but in doing my research online the one question that keeps popping into my mind is, "what shaft stiffness". So at what age or swing speed should a golfer switch to a "senior" shaft ? The last I knew my swing speed with a 7 iron was around 77mph. I would appreciate some thoughts. Thanks folks, Tony R.
  2. PapaRutz HDCP 18 Howell,Michigan Hello folks. I am "that guy", the guy you see playing with a different ball every time you see me. Why is that, because I never stop trying to find that "perfect ball" for me. The Snell MTB-X may just be it. The specs on the ball claim 85-90 compression which would be just a tad lower than the Pro-V1, so I would love to find out as it is my favorite ball. A hair softer might be nice.. Thank you
  3. #SpyStaffSlam: 2019 PGA Championship Sean O'Hair Tie breaker, -5
  4. Picks are in, you all should give up. LOL Tier 5 - Zach Johnson Tie breaker = -8 Thank you #MGS for having this contest.
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