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  1. Seems like the trades this year are just wild. Browns definitely starting to look like contenders this season. The giants got to be the laughing stock of the league now.
  2. With chipping it seems to be more carry than what I see on the range. It also seems to have problems with my 60 lob wedge, not sure if it doesn't pick up the spin rates correctly or what, and opening the face seems to discombobulate it even more.
  3. I use the swing caddie (sc200) launch monitor and also use the Swingyde swing trainer. Have a nasty habit of collapsing my arms and the swingyde has really helped my positioning in the backswing and with my finish. Best golf related purchase I have ever made. Long as you know how to use it correctly. If you don't you will quickly try to compensate for the flaws you create and can hurt you in the long run. Sort of a double edged sword so to speak. Any questions on either two just ask.
  4. Good color choices, like how they make your irons pop. Well done!
  5. Not trying to be that guy, but I just feel way more consistent with steel shaft irons. Had fly z graphite irons and couldn't ever seem to be consistent with them, went to steel stiff and found a much better groove. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
  6. Spin rates are never a guarantee for cheaper priced launch monitors. In fact the Mevo makes you use metallic stickers you have to buy in order to "accurately" calculate the spin rates. Want better data your going to have to dig deep. So I wouldn't gun for the pricier model because the sc200 works pretty good. It also averages all your data for each club for reference. Golfdiscount has them for 50 dollars cheaper than anywhere else I found, also has a pretty good "lemon" policy so if you think it's not accurate you can always send it back. Always had great experiences ordering from them, bought every club I own from them actually lol.
  7. I hate blind dogleg holes to the right on the first hole of my home course, and it has to driving/warmup range. Who designs a course like that. Always take myself to the back 9 first lol
  8. I game the cobra king wedges 52\56\60 and love the way they feel. Can't wait to get a hold of one of these and see how they compare.
  9. I like to watch TOP SPEED GOLF with Clay Ballard. He has really good instructional videos and goes into more detail than Rick does on his instruction videos. He's my go to guy with fixes.
  10. I have the anser style putter made from cobra I got from their Fly z s 13 piece club set, and still use it. I'm not a one brand only guy, just love the putter lol
  11. My first thread. It's a proud moment for me gentlemen. New guy here, and relatively new to golf. Nice to meet you all. I need help with grip selection for my clubs. I currently game Lamkin crossline grips and have never tried any others but mine are already wearing down. I play in Texas, and it's usually pretty hot and tacky and I do deal with hand sweat so a grip to help with this would be ideal. Anyone have any preferences they like? Pros and cons of your grip? Any recommendations? Thanks in advance!
  12. I bought a King black utility 3 iron one length to bridge the gap between my 3 wood and my longest iron and it has been the best decision I've ever made. I get the desired ball flight with the recoil shaft, and it's the same length as my 7 iron. I fit my gap perfectly between the two and can actually hit the club in my hands. Now granted I have a 3 and 4 iron in my iron set and can barely hit them to save my life. lol I'd say give it a shot. I have a few friends that have replaced their entire set with one length clubs and have gained distance with the 4 and 5, almost 15 yards each than with variable "normal" length clubs
  13. Always wondered how the p790s feel. Heard they are super long. How did they fair for you? Sweet bag, super jelly.
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