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  1. Cobra came out with speedzone tour 3 wood (a 173 cc size I believe). It's slightly larger than the regular model. Maybe worth a try?
  2. At this point, I'd watch two snails race if it were a sport. Give me anything sport related back. PLEASE. I'm wearing out old golf tournaments and nfl games on Youtube. Half the views on the videos are coming from me. lol
  3. Best stuff I've been into lately is a band called Greta Van Fleet. Like a modern day Led Zeppelin sound. It's good stuff.
  4. I agree with the Winn grips, have a set on my bladed cobra irons and they help with the mishit stinging sensation you mentioned.
  5. That sounds like essentials to me. lol
  6. Thank you guys for all the good work ya'll are doing. The world definitely needs more selfless people like ya'll in the most important fields of work. Again, thanks! Doing well! There's not much I can do, my job deems me essential so I'm blessed to still have a job. Other than scavenging for toilet paper I'd say were pretty good here in Texas. I'm unsure if the rest of the US is having the same issue but every store you go to here in Texas seems to be cleared of toilet paper. HAHA World wide pandemic and we buy all the toilet paper around. Like you can't make this stuff up.
  7. Thanks for the tip. Some very good videos on there for every part of the game.
  8. The word "feel" to me is EVERYTHING I get from hitting a club. If you have a club that sounds like your hitting rocks with a baseball bat chances are you aren't going to like hitting it, and the feel you get in the hands will sometimes correlate with the sound, sometimes not. Also the looks get me too. I like a nice compact forged iron. I'm a forged iron kind of guy, and cast clubs just feel....whack. Just a totally different feel.
  9. Fantastic review. I have been looking at the newer CBX2 wedges and I just might think I'll take a serious look at those. Again, well done review.
  10. Hole #9 I set up to hit my driver at my local course. A father and daughter pair was in a golf cart on the fairway on #10 beside mine. I banana slice this thing and flies and I was so nervous it was going to hit them it felt as if I had an apple in my throat. I watched as it rained down and nailed the guy right in the leg. As I drive over to offer my apologies he point to my ball, and flips me the bird. I went straight home after I finished the hole only playing 9. lol
  11. I'm very sorry for your loss.
  12. I'd love to get one, unfortunately I am I-B positive. As in I-B positive they ain't touching me with no needle!
  13. Yeah those are pretty sketchy. Thanks for the heads up You are a gentleman and a scholar!
  14. I like the adjustability of the cobra king utility iron, it can suit a range of lofts. It's hollow head construction and I feel good hitting it off the tee as well as different fairway lies. It's not too chunky, it's just right for me.
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