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  1. That's definitely the way to go price wise ... it's just so far!!
  2. If you're looking for club head speed, GCQuad gives you the most accurate reading. Trackman 4 is great with ball data but not perfect with club head data. There is also a difference in reading from Flightscope and Trackman data. Flightscope measures club head data right at first impact (when the club contacts the ball) whereas Trackman measures club head data at full compression which means Trackman will show lower club head speed vs Flightscope. I'm in SoCal too and I love doppler radar tech, but none of these bays are outdoors and doppler radar tech definitely takes a backseat to GCQuad indoors. Roger Dunn in West LA has GCQuad and allow you to rent out one of the private bays. One of the workers will be with you since they're technically supposed to be doing a fitting, but they're cool about you just wanting to get baseline data. It's $150 for an hour though.
  3. Charles Santa Monica, CA Very evenly walk and ride. Clicgear 3.5+
  4. Charles/Santa Monica iPhone 11 Pro Outdoors No
  5. First Name/City State - Charles/Santa Monica, CA Handicap - 14.6 Current Model Wedges Played - Vokey SM7 (52° & 56°), Taylormade HiToe (60°) What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge - No glare and psychological mindset that it'll spin more.
  6. Charles/Santa Monica, CA Currently SM6 52 and 56 and Taylormade Hi-Toe 60. Would love to try the ZipCore in 56 as I hit that wedge full, out of bunker, and around the greens.
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