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  1. First Name/State of Residence - Brock, Texas Current Drive specs Model/loft/shaft/Flex Tour Edge Exotics XCG7 Beta/Set at 10U/Ozik Matrix 7M3.1 Black Tie/ X-Flex Your handicap and driver swing speed, and do your regularly use any sort of LM for data collection: HCP 1.2/ Swing speed 115ish/ Occasionally use LM at PGA store, but don't have portable. Have you played a Tour Edge driver before, and what was your experience. I have been using my Tour Edge for 4 seasons, and it was a game changer. I tested against several name brands and it came out ahead. I was missing several to the right so I made a hosel adjustment and it got even better. Better carry distance/dispersion, etc. The hosel screw is stripped a bit so it rattles, but I still hit it well. I recently tested an S-Flex EXS (all that was available) against X Flex TM, Callaway, Cobra, and Ping, and the EXS held it's own, average ball speed around 150.
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