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  1. I always look for more shoes.. wife says go for it, but my golf buddy always makes fun of me for even CONSIDERING another pair of shoes. .. should i consider new golf buddies?
  2. I swung a new srixon at a golf galaxy demo day. Put it out there about 315 consistently, but i kept pulling it left. I don't know if the mat and LM being cockeyed would cause that (my opinion it did) but if i had more time to swing it on a range id more than likely bag it.
  3. Ryan, OH 6 Never used a training aid, but ive read alot about then and debated on purchasing one myself.
  4. Ryan, Ohio Titleist 913 D3 8.5* w/ Diamana S flex 62 7 Handicap 115-120 mph No LM Never played a Tour Edge product
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