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    Golf (of course) and other sports like basketball and football. I like to read, stay fit and spend time outdoors with my 5-yr old son.
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  1. How do you feel about purchasing used clubs? Do you always purchase new or often look for last year's model? Anymore, I often look at the used club section before seeing what's new. To me, the upgrades that many club companies introduce every year seem so minimal. I can't justify the extra cost just to say the club is new. If you do buy used, who do you trust or what do you look for in an used club?
  2. - Bob - Texas - Odyssey O-Works 2-ball - Slight weakness
  3. Bob - Austin, TX My current driver is Taylormade M3 /8.5 degrees /Hzrdus shaft /stiff My handicap is 15 and swing speed is 105-110. I do not regularly use any sort of LM for data collection I have not played a Tour Edge driver before (but I'm intrigued).
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