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  1. Nate King - Tampa, FL I try to stop by my course once a week and practice my short game for an hour and a half each week aside from pre-round putting on days I play. Of that hour and a half, more than half of it is normally putting as I truly enjoy putting and playing games with myself trying to make or 2-putt a certain amount of putts from different places. If I was able to get meaningful practice at home however, I think this would change to practicing for an hour or so 4 or 5 days a week. The only reason I don't have a full blown simulator at my house is because I don't have high enough ceilings anywhere, which obviously isn't a problem with this putting simulator. I average less than one 3-putt per round. If I am playing at my normal handful of courses I rotate between, I would say I have a 3-putt every 3 rounds, give or take. This might be a little more often if I am playing a course where I am less familiar with the greens of course. As I mentioned above, i have always wanted to put a simulator in my house, I simply don't have the space however. I would love to take the time I am normally wasting scrolling through social media late at night and use it to actually improve my golf game, but aside from putting on the living room rug I don't have the ability to do that. The ExPutt seems like the perfect solution. I love the compact design and low price and as someone who actually enjoys practicing my putting more than banging balls, which I think is pretty rare, I think I would get a ton of use out of the ExPutt.
  2. Nathan King Tampa, FL I have marked my golf ball with a line ever since I started taking golf seriously in college. I use one of the line markers you get from Walmart or wherever and my red sharpie. Always red. My preferred golf ball is a Pro V1x and I would choose a red line and red text reading "Nater".
  3. Nate, Florida Cobra Bio Cell+ / Set at 8* / Matrix Ozik Red Tie 6Q3 / Stiff 8.4 Handicap / 115 mph / I use a lower level launch monitor a couple of times a year at my home course to work on things or see where my issues are coming from. Last summer, at a local demo day, I hit the Exotics EX10 and XJ1 drivers. The EX10 was my favorite of the two. I felt it had a hot face, but wasn't blown away by the feel I got from a good swing. All in all, I was very impressed with their entire club line however, and made it a point to demo their irons in my fitting process when I built a new set of irons over the winter.
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