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  1. Mark Hollingsworth Bluffton, SC Two ball Impact 2 wide would be of interest
  2. Mark South Carolina 1.7 Index Ping I5 7 iron flies 168 yards I am VERY interested in the atomic (not atomic max)...have tried the 7 iron in the Dicks store near me would like to see what the rest of the set does. I understand that they are lofted two clubs strong from normal but they feel great.
  3. Mark Hollingsworth/ South Carolina Current: Odyssey 2 Ball Tank at 37.5" Right handed Am an equipment junkie, will try anything and am not bound to "name brand" equipment...in fact I've found most of my gamer bag is filled with mostly unpopular, but highly effective, gear. Have a preference for mallet style putters with a slight toe hang.
  4. Mark...South Caroliina Driver: Tommy Armour TA1, 9*, Kuro Kage 50 Stiff Index: 2.6 Swing speed: 105 LM: Frequently use them at golf stores to check launch specs and spin Tour Edge: Own exotics irons, fairways, putters, and one older driver model. Have found them to be consistently solid performers and don't believe they sacrifice anything as compared to the "name brands" that cost twice as much. In fact my all time low score of 66 was with a set of Bazooka hybrid irons of all things! I am a fanatic with a golf workshop and constantly test all kinds of clubs.
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