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  1. Kyle Lake/Michigan Handicap - 15 Current Irons in play - Taylormade R11 7 iron - 175
  2. Kyle L’Anse / MI 116 mph / 13 handicap 15* great big Bertha 3 wood Taylormade RBZ 3 hybrid R11 4 iron Right Handed
  3. Kyle in Michigan Callaway XR 9.0 degrees project x 6.0 Handicap - 14 Swing Speed - 112-116 No launch monitor in area, but I am very willing to travel for one and spend some hours tracking performance. I have never used TourEdge before, but this driver seems like a no brainer. I would love to be able to test this out and expand my thinking about different brands. Before MyGolfSpy I didn’t really know about any of these outsider companies and you guys do an amazing job providing the truth about performance and playability of the clubs. I will never care about the brand of a club in my bag again after reading your blogs. Keep up the great job, can’t wait for the most wanted golf ball review to come out!
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