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  1. Tim from Boston 118 mph driver speed Vice Pro Plus (though after the recent test I'll probably be switching once I've run through these) No experience with Snell
  2. Tim - Boston, MA TMag M1 2017 9.5* set to 8.75*, Project X Hzrdus Yellow 6.5, playing length: 45", two 11 gram weights on each side of the front track, 12 gram weight at the back of the front-to-back track so it plays about D4.5, Lamkin UTx Standard +2 wraps. Handicap: 3.8, Swing Speed: 111, I use the LM at the practice bays st PGATSS I've never had a Tour Edge driver but I did use a CB Pro Limited Edition 13.5* 3 wood for a couple years and loved it. I'm fascinated to try this new driver against some of the premium drivers b/c it'd be great to buck the trend of inflation tha
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