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  1. I tend to respect the Me & My Golf guys opinion the most (on instruction). But I certainly enjoy watching Crossfield and Shiels. At the end of the day, it's all about idea generation, and not gospel. Everyone's game is so unique, it's important to know when to incorporate a new idea and when to ignore something because it doesn't fit your game.

  2. Just started gaming this (34'' version) with an Evnroll Gravity grip. First round with the putter and I posted a 37 on 9 with 3 1 putts. Given how poor I have been putting this year, suffice it to say I was relieved. It's incredibly easy to get on line. I'll probably use it for the remainder of the summer.

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  3. Srixon Z-Star for me. It has worked as well for me as any ball out there. I'm not getting quite as much distance as some of the others off the tee, but the drop is very slight - and the much better dispersion is worth it. I also have loved them on approach. They have been having a sale over the last few days where it's buy 1 box, get a box free, so I have loaded up. Pretty hard to beat $20/12 golf balls.

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