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  1. 2 hours ago, RickyBobby_PR said:

    Do you have the numbers between the two from  that day or was your op really just saying the swings and visual results were better with the ts4

    I don't remember the exact numbers, I was just peeking at the laptop between shots. I was carrying the ball ~15-20 yards further (thereabouts) for example.

    Like I said - it wasn't a proper fitting experience which is why I scheduled time to go back and do it in a more official capacity. Set a true baseline, then hit the TS4 with different shaft options, etc.

  2. On 6/20/2020 at 1:50 PM, RickyBobby_PR said:

    But your op said you hit the ts4 last Thursday  and the numbers were a significant improvement over your current driver. These are the numbers I’m curious about. 

    It was 7-8 swings as he was packing up from a Titleist Thursday event. I scheduled a proper time for a fitting this coming Thursday to dial in shaft and what not. Those couple of swings were way better than my current driver based on distance and launch alone, but it wasn't a proper fitting and I was just hitting while he packed up the rest of the clubs.

  3. Appreciate the thoughts. Going back today to re-confirm the fitting details (also want to try my current shaft in the TS4 to see what that looks like).

    I'm basically just trying to decide if the extra $200 and time for a full fitting with multiple drivers is going to be worth it. Agree the jump is going to be big regardless, just not sure if any potential marginal gain from one new driver over another is worth the extra time/cost.

  4. Last Thursday I hit a TS4 at a Titleist Demo Day and the numbers were a significant improvement over my current driver (910D3). I can get the driver build from Titleist for a decent discount below retail because of connections, so there's some strong incentive to go that route.

    However, the TS4 is literally the first driver I've hit in the last 8 years besides my 910D3. I have no other frame of reference. It's possible that I'd put up better numbers with a Ping, TM, Mizuno, Cobra, etc. driver than the TS4. However, if I go to get fitted it'll cost me extra $ at a minimum, or I'll pay full retail (vs. the discount through my Titleist rep).

    So what would you do?

    1. Numbers are good with the TS4 - Just run with it and don't look back!
    2. Should really swing more than 1 other driver before buying.

    Overall my main need/goal is to kill spin, so I'm looking at TS4, G410 LST, ST200G, etc. There's obviously fewer options there than the full pool of drivers.

  5. On 4/20/2020 at 10:57 AM, gchester33 said:

    Set looks beautful! You talk a little bit about additional workability in your short irons as a reason to go with 760's. Do you find yourself using more shot shaping with these and therefore gaining some benefits from them? And do you find yourself having issues in that 7-8 transition as far as club appearance when standing over them?

    At first there was a little bit of weirdness but I've hit the 7 so well that it's been easy to forgive the change in looks. Honestly it's given me some more confidence to get aggressive with the 7 while being more finesse with the 8.

    I do find myself hitting some purposeful baby draws with the shorter irons while I mostly play a high cut with the 4-7. The 8 is borderline on being able to execute the draw on command so not sure I'd need the workability further down the set just yet. Maybe when I'm better!


    On 4/22/2020 at 3:29 PM, 5footslider107 said:

    Awesome write up! I think this seems to be the more popular route people (and including myself) are considering when buying an iron set. I worked at a golf shop and you could always tell an educated golfer when he talked about split sets. As I've become more experienced, my pride for playing my bladed 3I has decreased and I've made the decision to buy a more consistent 3H. 

    What have you noticed in term of feel? Both models were very popular amongst shoppers and I've thought about a set myself.

    Again, great write up!

    Thanks! There are definitely some nuances in feel where I really notice the mishits on the short irons while it's muted a bit on the longer ones. It works for me because I'm not good enough to need the workability in my longer irons. I think the split is pretty good on feel. If I was a better player I might feel differently haha.


    On 4/25/2020 at 4:04 PM, ChitownM2 said:

    Nice looking set. Did you consider bending the 7 iron 0.5­° degree weak? That would even out the gapping between 5-6-7-8.

    I wanted to! TaylorMade only offered full degree changes on the order so I'll have to have my shop do it if I decide that gap is causing issues.

  6. On 4/3/2020 at 10:03 AM, jlukes said:

    Great to hear man. There's no better time than now to work on your game. 

    You can still watch the planemate protocol videos online to get a feeling for different movements 

    Planemate came today!


    Honestly though, your second post about the videos was great. With this on backorder I went through the protocols with no belt and my ballstriking is demonstrably better than 2 weeks ago. Thank you so much for the tip!


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  7. On 4/20/2020 at 11:20 AM, Camille Bissarro said:

    Interesting that the Z785 is a couple of seasons old now, and still places 5th in terms of strokes gained, ball speed, and total distance. It makes sense, but if I'm reading the results correctly it also appears to perform well in @jwlong410's analysis. I may be biased, but it's a totally underrated club.

    It may not be relevant, but I'm wondering if any of the differences in the MGS results are statistically significant?

    Glad someone got value out of it 😄

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  8. 9 minutes ago, pozzit said:

    Great write up looks like a beautiful set. I've never played a combo set I've looked into it briefly but this is a fantastic level of detail. Also I have yet to go to a fitter that has a 5 & 9 to test.

    Using MyGolfSpy mobile app

    It wasn't a perfect test because he pulled a stock set off the wall - but it was close enough to get an idea. We ran into some issues because I needed the extra length and they were doing multiple fittings so availability of the right shaft/head combo was iffy. We made it work as best we could.

  9. On 4/6/2020 at 12:37 AM, Mackdaddy9 said:

    What are the loft gaps of the rest of your irons.  Mine are 4 degrees and so I continued with 4 degree gaps in my wedges.  So If you irons are 4 degree gaps I'd go 49/10 f,  53/10 f and 57/8 c grinds.  If your clubs are 5 degree gaps then I would go with 5 degrees.  I get about 12 yard gaps at 4 degrees.

    I'm working on an unofficial review for my new iron set, but figured I'd share this here as well. See the image below for the lofts and yardages (note: yardages are a bit of a moving target, still figuring those out as I got my irons in early March and haven't been able to hit them much yet).


  10. On 4/4/2020 at 7:10 PM, Scientific Golfer said:

    Thanks for sharing.I'll check it out. What's been your favorite thing on there so far?

    I've been working a lot on my short game lately (my biggest area of stroke bloat is 90 yards and in) so I've been tearing up that section.

    Also highly recommend Padraig Harrington's Twitter feed if you're looking for more short game tips. Those two have been my primary source of insight lately.

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  11. 20 minutes ago, cwojtowicz said:

    What's your ball position like compared to your irons? I've found that I'm more consistent with my wedges (54 and 60 in particular) when I play them a little bit further back in my stance and swing at 90%. It seems to help with flighting the ball a bit and avoiding those blow up shots that spin like crazy and go nowhere.  

    I typically play my wedges about 1 ball back from center (including PW) and then up through my set I probbaly put my 4I 1.5 balls forward of center depending on the shot.

  12. On 3/29/2020 at 11:58 PM, boberamos said:
    1. Where are you from? What is your home course? --Asheville, NC but playing out of the Virginian in Bristol, VA.

    You ever check out Burger Bar in Bristol, VA? They make the best burgers in the area. I highly recommend the Oh My Cheese (patty between two grilled cheese sandiwches) and the parm fries or sweet potato fries if you're feeling indulgent.

  13. On 4/1/2020 at 2:48 PM, jlukes said:

    One thing that has helped me lower my dynamic loft is the Tour Striker Planemate training aid.  Gives you instant feedback the moment you flip your hands through impact and helps given you the proper sensations to maintain the right face angle and rotate properly through impact


    13 hours ago, zrumble said:

    Nailed it. I have a very flat swing and a late release which is great for longer clubs, but really hard to control wedges. I personally fixed it by working with a coach to change my impact conditions, made all the difference. 

    Guys. Had a little bit of a breakthrough yesterday and appreciate everyone encouraging me to look at the swing vs. the implement (normally an easy choice for me, but this time I had been hitting my short irons so well that it was harder to think that was the cause).

    The plane mate is on backorder because of Coronavirus, so I wanted to look for things I could do in the meantime. I decided to modify this chipping drill Padraig Harrington shared for full swings:


    After just a handful of swings I was carrying my 52 about 95 yards and hitting some as far as 115. I need to work on consistency and focus on repeating those impact conditions (need that plane mate to take this to the next level) but I'm pretty energized by this. This is the best I've hit my wedges since I was a teenager (already).

    Thank you all for your thoughts. I'll keep plugging away at it, but this hasbeen pretty impactful and I'm feeling much more confident when my ball is sitting next to the 100 yd marker.

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  14. 10 minutes ago, jlukes said:

    One thing that has helped me lower my dynamic loft is the Tour Striker Planemate training aid.  Gives you instant feedback the moment you flip your hands through impact and helps given you the proper sensations to maintain the right face angle and rotate properly through impact

    This is super helpful, thank you! I'm going to look into it some more. I'm hoping I can solve my issues without having to replace my wedges for the 2nd year in a row, so I'm eager to dig into this.

  15. 1 minute ago, jlukes said:

    Your AFTER 7 iron numbers look great.  Any idea what you are launching with your wedges?  A good rule of thumb with wedges is ideal launch angle is around half of the stated loft.

    I don't know and unfortunately it's unlikely I'll get to hit on a launch monitor any time soon. My guess would be they're signficantly higher than half the loft 😅

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  16. 1 minute ago, jlukes said:

    I too went through a struggle of presenting too much loft for awhile - had a stretch of a few months where everything from 9 iron to Gap Wedge seemed to fly 110 yards.  Once I worked through my swing issues, the yardages spread back out and I was back to normal gaps

    Did it all smooth out at once for you? I was psyched when my iron metrics were in the normal ranges, but now my wedges being out of line really stand out. For reference, here's my 7I metrics before and after my club switch:

    Before - Callaway RAZR Tour, S300, Jumbo Grip +4 wraps

    7I - 9400 rpm, 21* launch

    After - TaylorMade P790/P760, Project X 6.0, Standard + 2 wraps

    7I - 7100 rpm, 17* launch

  17. In general I'm a high swing speed player (112 with driver, 90+ with irons). Again, not sure of my delivery metrics specifically with wedges - it's been a year since I got fitted for them. I've been having these issues for the last year since I bought them but worked through it because the gap wasn't HUGE (110-70 is more tenable than 135-70), and I spent $450 on the wedges so I was hoping to make it work.

    I've also gone through some swing changes in the last year to work on removing that excessive dynamic loft at contact - have seen a lot of success with that on every club in the bag EXCEPT my wedges.

    Part of what I'm struggling with is that I used to be an 11 handicap, but after a few years off I've gotten back into golf and now struggle with things that used to be strengths in my game previously.

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  18. 1 hour ago, jlukes said:

    Would love to know what your delivery numbers are (swing speed, angle of attack, dynamic loft) as well as your launch angle with your wedges.

    The information that you provided definitely points to more of a swing flaw (too much dynamic loft) than anything else.  No amount of changing lofts and bounces will fix a bad swing flaw such as presenting too much dynamic loft.

    I don't have my delivery numbers off-hand. I've struggled with adding dynamic loft (ex-baseball player, have a tendency to flip my wrists) but I've really improved that with my irons. So when I got fit for my new irons, everything was right in line with what you'd normally see. It's possible I'm still adding dynamic loft with my wedges but not my irons?!

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  19. 2 hours ago, cnosil said:

    Questions/thoughts that come to mind are:

    Were the old wedges set wedges or specialty wedges? Old wedges were TaylorMade TP wedges

    The gaping on the 52-60 seems right.

    What wedges are you using? New wedges are Vokeys - SM7

    What was the fitting approach taken? Focus was on gapping within wedges, but I just updated my iron set and went from hitting 110 to 135 with my PW which is exacerbating some of these issues.

    Why the questions on bounce from your friends. I assume part of the fitting process addressed how you use you wedges. Their main thoughts were that the higher bounce was encouraging more dynamic loft on the 52.

    How far did you hit the old 47/52? The old 47 was ~110  and the 54 was ~90.

    135 pitching wedge is pretty far/high swing speed, what does the rest of your bag gapping look like? 18* H - 220, 4I - 205, 5I - 190, 6I - 175, 7I - 165, 8I - 155, 9I - 145, PW - 135

    Aside from distance what issues are you having? That's the major issues. I'm not as good around the greens as I was previously, but I think that's more rust than club issues.

    Shaft changes? Moved to Project X 6.0 in my irons from S300 in my irons. Still have S300 in my wedges.


    Need more info.


  20. Hi all - looking for thoughts and insights on my wedge setup. I was recently fitted from three wedges (47 PW, 54.10, & 58.08) to four (45 PW, 52.12, 56.10, 60.08). I'm really struggling with my new wedge setup. I have a high natural ballflight, but I can only carry my 52 about 70 yards (I hit my PW 135 for context). My 56 and 60 carry 55 and 40 yards respectively. It's created a big gap in yardages and I'm generally pretty miserable from about 115 yards and in.

    After talking with some buddies they were shocked I got fit into a set with descending bounce (12 > 10 > 8).

    Would love any thoughts from everyone on what they might do to navigate this. I'm considering putting my old wedges back in my bag because I can carry the 54.10 at least 90 yards.

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