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  1. My name is Rob and I live in Calgary, Canada. Swing Speed is 105mph, 12 Handicap, my current gamers are: Nike VR Pro Driver 9.5°, Callaway X2Hot Pro 15° Fairway, Taylormade AeroBurner 19° Hybrid. Right handed. I know the contest is open to people only living in the States, but I'm hoping you will at least consider my application. My clubs were stolen about 7 years ago and I have basically pieced together the top end of my golf bag with whatever I could get my hands on cheap. All of my current clubs I picked up before my back issues started and I no longer have the club head speed to play them well. I am definitely in need of new clubs that can give me some more ball speed and can help me hit the ball a little higher. I would be over the moon if I could fill out the top of my bag with custom fit clubs that fit me and my game. Thanks
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