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  1. I played golf right handed and used to put right handed playing on a 2 handicap, I stopped smoking and got the yips overnight and could not sink a putt of 6 inches. In 6 months my handicap increased by 6 shots, I started smoking again and the yips went away overnight and I ended up back on a 2 handicap after 3 months. Finally I stopped smoking about 5 years later and the same thing happened (massive yip overnight). After 3 years of no smoking and trying everything to counter the yips, I had almost given up playing because I was averaging eight 3 putts a round. One day I picked up my wife's putter (she plays left handed) and had a few putts, lo and behold no yip. I putt with a right handed grip but putt left handed, which is effectively a conventional right hand low left handed putting stroke. I have done this for 5 years now without any hint of a yip and returned to playing on a 2 - 3 handicap. I have always used a line on the ball for alignment, so when I started left handed putting distance control is really the only thing I had to learn. I cannot recommend this more as a potential solution to the yips for those of you who suffer from them. I regularly play with a right-handed golfer who putts left handed with an old bullseye putter from 15 feet and closer and then uses the other side to putt right handed for longer putts.
  2. Here is the website where I purchased my current one :) https://www.lefthandedgolf.co.uk/golf-bags-2
  3. John / New Zealand 7 Ping S57 140M/155Y
  4. First Name/State or Country of residence John/New Zealand Handicap 8 Current irons in Play Ping S57 The carry distance of the your 7 iron 150y
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