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  1. Hi. I.m Louise. I was very pleased to have been chosen to test the Wilson D7s. Especially since they included two women golfers in the testing. I didn't pick up golf until I was 43, but managed to win my first club championship 2 1/2 years later at Dallas CC. I have since won 12 more spread over 4 different clubs. 2 in Dallas and 2 in Calif. I am currently a 9 hdcp but have been as low as a 5. I am having a foot issue so I haven't been able to play a full round with the D7s yet, but I have hit them on the range a couple of times and am very pleased with the results. When I initially did the challenge with my Cleveland men's length Apex 7 iron, I was amazed that the women's clubs actually went farther and had better numbers than my club. And I have always played with men's clubs, although I' did try women's Pings a few years ago and did not like them. The D7s practically hit themselves. They feel really well balanced and look great at address. Hopefully my Achilles heel bone spur will be under control enough to really put them to the test and see where the numbers go. I am very very optimistic that these are gamers. And they sure are pretty!!
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  3. The club felt much better than the others. It felt light but I could feel where the clubhead was. Was really glad I tested them. And thanks!
  4. My Name is Louise and my hdcp is 8.5. I signed up for the Wilson D7 Challenge at Edwin Watts Golf in Fort Worth, TX. Despite having an email confirmation from Wilson Golf for my appointment at 2:00 on April 18th, I arrived and there was no Wilson rep nor did they know what I was talking about. I explained why I was there and did the challenge with a men's club because they didn't have a women's club. Not being sure it would be representative of a true comparison I went to a PGA store and repeated the process there. I have always played with men's reg length clubs, presently the Cleveland Apex, but I am considering switching to women's clubs so I did the challenge with both the men's and women's club, plus my own. I was surprised to see that the numbers across the board were actually better with the Wilson D7 women's model than the other two. The spin, disbursement, etc., and especially the distance. An average of 6 yards more with the 7 iron. The look at setup is great and the feel is pretty exceptional. I would really like to test this club to see how it performs over time. Below are some of the results of the fitting. Top iron was the men's D7 The Middle is the ladies D7 The Bottom is my current iron-the men's apex
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