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  1. 21dylan

    TP5 Pix?

    The truvis ball from callaway is a ball meant to give people a visual. Some say it helps with hand eye coordination to help keep their eye on the ball but many people says it hurts their putting due to the shapes all over the ball. I have been playing the truvis and like it as a cold weather ball but as a fix to the putting aspect I use a bold black sharpie to make a line on the ball. This makes it easier to concentrate on the line when you are putting on the green.
  2. I myself own a ping hoofer 14 light and walk my course a lot. I either carry or push with my sun mountain push cart. I found that my hoofer light is a little small for the push cart but is great for carrying. My dad uses the normal hoofer 14 and that is a little heavier but fits perfectly in our sun mountains push carts. I’m not sure how much different the sun mountain is than the clic gear in size but I know that the hoofer 14 is a great bag if you want it for pushing or putting in a cart but it does has 14 club slots. My hoofer light only has 4 or 5 big holes to hold all of your clubs.
  3. I recently tried both the callaway apex and apex pro irons and found that the original apex were more consistent than the pro version. This was just my feel though, everyone has their own feel for clubs and what they like. If you like more of a players iron that has a smaller head then the pros might be for you but if you like the look of the bigger head and you find that that makes it easier to hit consistent shots on a bigger face then the original apex is a good option. Both iron are very nice clubs and a great option if you are looking for clubs but there are very slight differences between these clubs so if you are considering buying one or the other you should try both before buying.
  4. I think leaving the flagstick in is something that you should do based on what look you prefer. Personally I like taking the flagstick out because it makes the hole look bigger but some people say that it gives them a more precise target and they believe in the aim small miss small method. On the contrary I do like leaving it in on long putts to see the hole.
  5. Dylan New York ping sigma putting has been a weakness in my golf game, I have been lacking in consistency.
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