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  1. Upper body rotation: the amount open/facing the target the chest and/or shoulders are at impact (my definition for our purposes). Looks like your upper body (both shoulder and chest) is pretty close to facing the ball (parallel to the flight line). Looking at some professionals, their chest rotation greatly exceeds amateurs’. However it is tough to tell from a face on view (DTL is clearer). Some have the shoulders more open at impact and others have the chest open but shoulders closer to parallel at impact. This is very unique to the individual golfer and I should think that there certainly isn’t any one ideal for everyone. Lag is not necessarily something you have to create consciously and it’s something that you can hold onto for too long (I do this and am actually working to unload the lag earlier to shallow my angle of attack with irons and woods. My arms are laid off but my angle down into the ball is steep). I can send you a video in a PM if you want. I did one for consil as well. If you have a good kinematic sequence, there really isn’t much need to create any extra lag, provided you don’t come over the top and need a scoop to compensate so you don’t hit a huge slice. But again your lead arm and shaft seem to be aligned at impact which is all you want/need. You have good speed already. If you are hitting it with a good shape and consistently, I wouldn’t mess too much with it. Only reason I said anything was because you said “fix me” [emoji12] How far to you hit driver already? Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Think about why they don’t allow them. We’d make the course obsolete with all the added distance!! [emoji378][emoji1377] Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Since I was correct with cnosil, I’ll give a shot with yours. Here in the backswing, your trail leg and knee are bent quite a bit as opposed to braced more like a fence post. Here it looks like you’re dumping the club a little too early (releasing a little early). Here, perhaps would like to see more upper body rotation, but you’ve got the shaft and lead arm in alignment, which is good. Those would be my guesses.
  4. Nice yard dude!! Tank tops add at least 5mph. Trust me, I know from extensive experience. [emoji6]
  5. This is amazing!!!! Put me under the insanely jealous category right about now. How do you like the SkyTrak? Do you find it to be accurate enough?
  6. I'm looking into putting a mat and net in the garage for the kids and myself. They would be able to swing fully without hitting the ceiling, but I would really only be able to play 3/4 swings (which is fine as I'm mainly concerned with club face contact at the moment). You said these hold real tees just fine? I've hit off mats that hold tees and they seem to be the most realistic (if you hit it fat, the mat doesn't forgive you as much like some mats do). Is it still holding up to your expectations well?
  7. For this Level 2 protocol, my main focus is to increase vertical ground forces. Today, I worked on slamming the lead heel and then jumping off the ground (that’s the feel). I even got to where my lead foot was coming off the ground then turning like Bubba. Check out the slow swing below: Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Yeah..... she was like “What are all these orange spots all over the curtains?” Me: “......... I was practicing impact.....” Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Level 2 - Modified - Week 1 Summary video is now live: I'm going to be really focusing on a squat/jump move this week (think Bubba and Justin Thomas) to see if I can't continue to work on vertical ground forces vs horizontal pushing. Hope you all are doing well and pushing yourselves to the limit!
  10. Played 18 today and continued to struggle with driver (finding the middle of the face). Good news is that I shot 75. Short game really saved my butt on the front nine. I just need to spend some time hitting balls into a net or on the range with some foot spray to figure out the contact issue. Frustrating to be swinging so fast to hit drives terribly. 3 wood was phenomenal though. I was pin high in two on a 590yd par 5 today. Speed without control is pretty useless. That’s what makes Bryson and Finau so amazing. Long drive professionals are lucky to get a few balls in the grid in a tournament. These PGA Tour guys are doing it every single round of competition. I did hit one bomb though. Granted it was blowing 15mph downwind, but it went 375yds! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  11. That’s awesome! We’re going to have to put you up in the high swing speed group! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  12. Might recommend more heel stomp drills and/or make dry swings against a wall without a club. Don’t let your lead shoulder hit the wall on the downswing. But that’s just one amateur to another talking. Do with it what you will. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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