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  1. I would be interested to see a float test as well to see if there are any differences.
  2. The big things I’m curious about are: 1) Accuracy compared to TrackMan and GC Quad. 2) Percentage of missed shots It is quite a small device for Doppler radar (compare to the massive square that is TrackMan’s radar). This would lead me to believe that missed shots would be more common, but who knows. I’m enjoying your reviews thus far! Keep up the good work.
  3. Can put a link to the post you're referring to so I can pass it along to the developer?
  4. This one? https://www.ownyourgolfgame.com/ I'm going to be working for NC State and will be in the Loonie Poole Clubhouse where he teaches out of starting in the Fall. I've only heard good things about him. He works with players on the DI team and one of his young guys played in the U.S. Open and made the cut (Akshay Bhatia).
  5. Launching higher with the LS but higher ball speed with the G410. 10yds carry difference on average. For whatever reason, the LS is longer.
  6. Alright, the web developer has been hard at work. One issue that seems to be fixed: When you get a notification that you've been quoted or someone reacted to a post on the new review portal, it was not going to that post. That appears to be fixed now (at least in the trials I just ran). Also, when clicking on a different page in the comments in the new portal, it would go back to the review tab. That also appears to be fixed now. Still trying to iron out the testers resetting daily.
  7. 148yd shot trying to make a hole in one. Wedge or 9 iron for these guys. 50 balls each, on the tee box. Same shot over and over. Left to right dispersion is 32yds. Due to longer nature of tee balls with driver, dispersion is expected to be wider. Broadie's 'Every Shot Counts' and Scott Fawcett's data, Lou Stagner, our own Ed Teer, driver dispersion is bigger than we think. They all recommend ~65yds as a good estimate. Do pros hit it tighter than that more often, yes, but the big misses do happen and they can cause blowup scores if you don't plan for them to some degree. From some of Fawcett's stuff: The charts that @cnosilposted of DJ, Bryson, and Todd's dispersion should clearly demonstrate that big misses do happen to the highest of skilled golfers.
  8. Interesting decision here. Green is 18yds wide and 23yds deep. From the left side FW bunker, you have 165yds to the center of the green (a 185yd shot off the tee). That is probably too far to lay back. If you can safely fit that 220yd shot into what looks to be 46yds of useable area consistently, then that is probably your play as you take a 135yd shot into the green. The driver with the hazard on the right adds scores up quickly for not much gained (you're talking a tenth of a stroke on the PGA tour when splitting 50/50 rough/fairway). Obviously without the hazard there, driver is the play as the expected strokes gained with 50/50 rough/fairway is lower than the same scenario from 30yds back with a lower big score risk. If you didn't have to start your driver so far to the right of those trees you can't carry, then you might reduce the number of balls in the penalty area enough to make it worth it.
  9. It looks like it shoots along the ground and up the wall. Did you put a mirror to reflect it up the wall as well?
  10. Now I’m having flashbacks to those calculators and the graphing project I had to do in high school. I made a cool one with super hero logos.
  11. Just because you have statistical significance doesn't mean that it is always a practical difference. Cohen's d basically tells us if that significant differences is small, medium, or large. .2 = small, .5 = medium, .8 = large. A difference of 1 would indicate the samples differ by 1 standard deviation. So the larger the Cohen's d, the bigger the difference is.
  12. Taking out the 95 SS shot for Callaway and your average CHS is 101, Ball Speed is 143, and distance is 257yds. Still significantly different at the .05 level, and your Standard Deviations are tighter with the Callaway. Cohen's D = .9, large effect size. No matter how nerdy you want to get, it's kicking the other driver's butt.
  13. This one says it is 1 gram per inch. Different tapes may vary in weight/length ratio.
  14. Yeah.... seems like a clear-cut winner.
  15. Maybe add 27grams of lead tape to the shaft before putting the new grip on (lead tape underneath the new to keep the weight in the hands)?
  16. This one? https://www.lowes.com/pd/CRAFTSMAN-15-ft-Line-Generator-Line-Laser-Level/1000593967
  17. I've lived in the South for all but one year of my life. Bermuda and clay soil is pretty much the norm for me.. Went to play at Big Cedar in Missouri this summer. They had Zoysia. Couldn't get the ball to spin at all on chip shots around the green. Literally had a chip that I landed on the fringe roll all the way through the green. It was mind-boggling...
  18. Probably the industry standard Range' ball.
  19. I'm a huge fan of strokes gained comparisons. Also, I agree that your variability of putts vs hitting the same putt over and over would yield more accurate results to what would happen on the course during play.
  20. Is that a laser you've got setup? If so, what type of laser setup do you have that creates that?
  21. The hard thing for me with the ruler is knowing if you've got a perfectly level surface to test on. Example, your pulls might not be pulls but rather the floor leans to the left. Just a thought. Did you put a level on the ruler to test if it is flat? I also had a ruler that got a bit warped somehow (it gets hot in Texas garages in the summer), so that one went bye bye. LOL
  22. This is the big thing for me. +/- 5yds on carry distance with driver, ok. Whatever. But +/- 5yds with wedges is a different animal altogether (IMO). I don't know of too many who look at total distance with launch monitors (too many conditional variables like fairway firmness, length of grass, etc.). Another thing that is very important for accuracy is club face angle (+/- 2 degrees). It would seem like 2 degrees at driver speed is a big deal. Could change the ball's start line, amount of curvature, etc. If that is being simulated, might cause you to constantly change your swing. Perhaps it would best be used on the course to get numbers (range balls would also affect distance accuracy). IDK.
  23. We had some bug fixes happen today, so hopefully those I’ll continue to get ironed out.
  24. I like this idea. Put a marker spot on the ground to give reference as to where your put started or something and see how quickly a 15ft putt starts on the ground.
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