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  1. In searching for a new driver I noticed Ping web site is still listing the g400max driver. This driver is several model is several (two or three) models old. Is that driver that popular? Who is it geared more for?
  2. I use a Cameron putter, which of course has weights. My question is what would happen if you have different weights, say. 10 on one side and a 30 on the other? Something like a driver, which would make you hook or close the face.
  3. Started playing Maxfli earlier this year. One of the guys I play with swore by them, and he gave me a tube to try. Can’t wait to try the new version! I really like them!
  4. Selling the Ping eye2 I originally bought, all serial numbers match, except for the sw. good shape for their age. I’ve haven’t played them in several years. $100 and you pay shipping. If you want more photos, just ask. Opps I forgot to add SW to photos. Red dot, all orginal, just ask Ping.
  5. I golf friend of mine is wanting to trade/buy the regular flex shaft for a stiff. He has the stiff, he would trade his stiff for a regular. He bought the club without even hitting it and thought he needed a stiff, but now wants the regular. Taylor Made SIM MAX.
  6. Depends of time, cost. I liked to play Rio Secco, Desert Willow and a couple of others I’ll have to get the names, in my bag now. Anyway Rio Secco most better courses offer rental clubs.
  7. Depends on, time, cost. I like to play Rio Secco, Desert Willow and a couple of others I’ll have to get the names, cards are in my bag now. Anyway Rio Secco is a couple of blocks from where my daughter lives and Dessert Willow is about 2 miles. Dessert Willow is a short course, fun to play, greens are very contoured. Rio is lot longer huge greens, typical dessert course, very well maintained, class joint.. Rio is about a $100 per round and Dessert is closer to 35. I’ll post a couple of others later, the cards are in my bag.
  8. What does the ball test mean by low spin ball for driver and high spin for wedges? Does that refer to the players typical shot, etc fader? How does that affect shots Slow swing speed.
  9. Cameron Futura putter Futura XR 34”, in excellent condition. I bought it last year used it only a few times, just not my style. $250. I’ll split shipping with you.
  10. I’m interested, but I’ll call Ping tomorrow and see if it’s something that can be done. Hope you still have them!
  11. Ping g400sft SFT 12° driver. Want to buy
  12. I’m 76, this is what is use, with success! CallyGGB Heaven Wood, Cally XHot2 11 wood…Ping G400 Max driver, Reg shaft.
  13. Sell for $40 shipped or trade for Cameron weight wrench
  14. I would appreciate trying a pair!
  15. Oh, by the way, did you go to another driver? If so which one? It would take a lot for me to debag my g400max.
  16. Oh, my email is larryjhill704@gmail.com for the Ping shaft if that happens. Sometimes I don’t read the forum every week.
  17. That would be fine, thank you. I need to step down a flex
  18. Would you consider selling the sr shaft by itself? Ping g400
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