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  1. New to speed training, hoping someone can help me on a couple of questions. I’m 78 and of course have lost speed…. I’ve been using a shaft one handed to get the swoosh thing going. I make 20 swing left handed and 10 or so right handed, then 10 both hands. I’ve noticed my last hand is fairly good, but height hand is slower, as well as both hand together. I’m not using weighted sticks, but just the golf shaft. Is this a good technique? I hesitate to use weight as my shoulder is not that good, and don’t want to injure it any more. Any informed comments would be appreciated.
  2. Bought this wedge because I had credit at the local golf store. He was going out of business. $90 is the price. I hit it one time and didn’t like it, I prefer graphite. I thought I would like it, because I use a Cleveland RTX 3 54° graphite. Any way I’m selling it! Would like to have a RTX 3 CB 58°, if I could find one.
  3. I remove the woods heads, and put them in a padded sock like thing in the bottom larger compartment, put the shaft upside down in the bag, and remove anything I don’t want to loose (rangefinder, other things). Never had any problems! Oh I forgot, I tape the putter to a divider, just in case, don’t want it bent.
  4. II prefer a wood design vs a hybird. In my opinion the hybird is are more of a iron swing(divot) while that is different from that of a wood. I’m a sweeper, so a fairway wood is better suited to my swing. But, I’m not a teaching pro, only offering my opinion, as to what works for me.
  5. Cameron Futura X 5r, 34”, Matador grip, and a new Cameron pistola grip, plus new Cameron cover. All are in excellent condition, there is a very small club ding on the top of the putter, it’s maybe a 1/32”, it’s not very much the photo makes it look bigger. $350. This is in excellent condition as is the grip. Headcover in excellent condition. Includes shipping!
  6. Mods please remove this post.
  7. I pulled these clubs, gave them a local high school to give to a needy student!
  8. There is a weight on the bottom of the g400 max head. Is that weight removable, and if so what would it do if changed?
  9. Selling my g25’s as I went to graphite, I’m 77. Needing something lighter. These are in very good condition, black dot, regular flex. Grips are good, k would replace if a club needed it. All grips are Ping grips, just different looks. I can send more photos if you want. $224, and I would split shipping.
  10. Looking for a Matzi swing trainer.
  11. I don’t know how to edit the ad. But earlier post should read steel shafts CFS, regular flex. Ping shafts that came with the clubs. If someone would tell me how to edit the post, please. and delete this one.
  12. Ping g25 irons , black dot, all serial numbers match, good condition, Reg flex steel in Ping CFS Shaft. Only minor nicks, from normal play. Used for 4 seasons, I bought them new. $275 and I would split shipping. I would trade for ping g400 graphite sr flex.
  13. This has nothing to do with this post,,but how do you find a older forum? Like last weeks?
  14. All very interesting info, us seniors are sometimes overlooked! More about the big hitters. Anyway I’m 76, and have played for 5 or 6 decades! Been losing distance for a few years, so my current equipment isn’t getting the job done. It couldn’t be me. I currently hit a Ping G400 10.5 driver, Reg Alta shaft. Not getting much distance 170 carry. I demoed a Cally Rouge ST draw sr shaft, numbers were better 12° loft.! But $600 is way too much. Just wondering what others are looking at or using. Really don’t have access to a launch monitor, so I’m kind stuck on junk luck in finding the correct combo.
  15. Correct, I demoed a Ping g425 and a Callaway rouge st, same weight shaft in both heads, but to me I got better numbers With the Cally, can’t be that much difference between the heads. By the way I’m 76, slower swing than it once was, looking for the right driver. I’ve always preferred Ping over Cally. I’m located wher there are not that many optometrist demo different club models/ manufacturers.
  16. So a shaft from Ping would or could perform different in a Cally head? Thank You for your info and answering my question.
  17. Just wondering if there is a difference between OEM shafts in Cally and Ping shafts? I demoed a Cally ROUGE ST 40gm shaft and a Ping G425 Max 40 gram shaft., I liked the Cally shaft. Anyone ever switch shafts meant for a particular brand to another brand?
  18. Heck yes on lofted fairway woods! I ditched a 3 wood for a 5 , and then went to the 7, 11 combo! Now I looking to add a 9. Not sure which 9 probably a Ping or Cally. For my game easier to hit and loft. I don’t care what my golf buddies say, but it works for me. It doesn’t say on the score card what you used. I’m 76, hit the 7 about 170-80, the 11 about 150 or so. What’s everyone using? Play forward tees and the clubs that get results!
  19. I’ve played a 7 wood for several years. I tried different ones with (TM, PING, CALLY) different shafts and lengths. I find them much easier than hybrids or long irons, but I’m a sweeper and woods work better for me. You might lose a few years, but no big loss, only a few. Highly recommend 7 wood. Heck buy a used one and give it a test run, you’ll like it.
  20. In searching for a new driver I noticed Ping web site is still listing the g400max driver. This driver is several model is several (two or three) models old. Is that driver that popular? Who is it geared more for?
  21. I use a Cameron putter, which of course has weights. My question is what would happen if you have different weights, say. 10 on one side and a 30 on the other? Something like a driver, which would make you hook or close the face.
  22. Selling the Ping eye2 I originally bought, all serial numbers match, except for the sw. good shape for their age. I’ve haven’t played them in several years. $100 and you pay shipping. If you want more photos, just ask. Opps I forgot to add SW to photos. Red dot, all orginal, just ask Ping.
  23. I golf friend of mine is wanting to trade/buy the regular flex shaft for a stiff. He has the stiff, he would trade his stiff for a regular. He bought the club without even hitting it and thought he needed a stiff, but now wants the regular. Taylor Made SIM MAX.
  24. Depends of time, cost. I liked to play Rio Secco, Desert Willow and a couple of others I’ll have to get the names, in my bag now. Anyway Rio Secco most better courses offer rental clubs.
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