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  1. Mark/ Hopkins, MN Combination of cheap rangefinder (aim the pin on graph lines), tee boxes, sprinkler heads, sight-line, and experience. As a sixty year old guy, with more time than money, knowing where and how far to hit a ball is the difference between enjoying the game and blind effort, hope, and frustration. I use a 10.5 degree driver (used on open tee shots only), a 13.5 degree 3 wood (more accurate tee balls), 16.5 degree 4 wood (maybe my favorite club ( hit it further than 15/3 wood, lines-up clean, unlike any 5 wood), and 19 degree hybrid. Where the ball lands using these clubs determine if and how I find greens. I can chip an and putt well enough to score when I am able to choose my lay-up and approach game, with more information and care. I am will to do the testing, it could only help me and middling hacker's game. I need the challenge to get better. Thanks, for your consideration.
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