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  1. Does anyone use or used to use the Skytrak?  I am trying to make sure it's worth getting or if I am going to be "excited" about it and in 2 months it's going to be collecting dust ($2K isn't gonna break the bank but it's still $2k).  I don't get to play as much as I want to, or get to the driving range (kids sports, work, etc.) hence the reason I'm looking into it...trying to be the responsible guy and use my head rather than my emotions.  Currently I have the Net Return Pro and the Country Club mat, so I figured this would be the logical thing as I hit on my back patio but honestly I could just be creating bad habits.  I tried a launch monitor app on the iphone and it was a complete joke with the numbers. Skytrak says they have solid numbers but it would be better to hear from "real" people than a company.  Any feedback would be helpful, thanks in advance!

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