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  1. bdreit76


  2. -Brian - Westminster, MD - 90-95mph, 20 Handicap - Ping G (Stiff) {3 Wood}, Ping G400 (X-Stiff) {3 Hybrid}, Callaway XR OS (Regular) {4 iron} - Left Handed
  3. @golfertrb @russtopherb @tony@CIC @MaxEntropy The main reason is because that’s what was available. Got a hell of a deal on the iron set brand new. The hybrid, and wood I bought off someone and those are the shafts that came on them. Never really got fitted for anything except the driver. Because of my swing speed (mid 90s) I’m on the borderline between regular and stiff flex. The last set I had was some crap starter set that I used for 10-15 years. So I’m happy to have put this one together in a years time. 15 years from now I’ll probably get a set professionally fitted, but for now this one will work with some minor alterations here and there and maybe a set of blades a little sooner. Only time will tell...
  4. Brian Maryland Ping Sigma G Piper 3 Weakness for sure, but have been improving.
  5. Driver- Ping G400 SFT Regular Flex 3W- Ping G Stiff Flex 3Hy- Ping G400 Extra Stiff Flex 4-PW - Callaway XR OS irons Regular Flex (Graphite) 50, 56, 60 Wedges - Callaway Mack Daddy 3 Putter- Ping Sigma G Piper 3 Balls- Snell MTB X Optic Yellow Shoes- Ecco Biom 2 Under Armour Spieth 2 In a years time I’ve cut my average score down about 20-25 strokes per round. Shot an 88 yesterday on one of the tougher courses around my way. Would have been low 80’s if I didn’t get 3 penalties on two of the last three holes. So actually really happy with how far I’ve come in a years time.
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