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  1. Me too I turn the ball, when i look down nothing but white. The line isn't useful, if you don't read the line of the putt correctly. It does cause a lot if fiddling lineing it up to what you precieve. Or not.
  2. Pro+ Not impressed. Found them short from all distances. I found them very short on chips, pitch's and lobs. Using 6 pro v's and 6 vice pro+. Alternating. 6 of one then the other.
  3. Played playing golf for 30years. My USGA is 5.3 I like being outdoors. I'm here, because I'm just wondering what golfspy is all about. I love in Hatfield,Massachusetts. I am a member of Amherst golf club. Best and worst thing about golf in my area. It's all good. Recently retired, I'm golfing please hurry up. Tried and true by fire titlist clubs balls, odessy white hot.
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