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  1. I had no idea, my first thought was that the negative meant is was playing harder. Good to know that I was wrong. Now it makes sense and answers my original question.
  2. AlanMP

    New Chromesoft

    Has anyone started cutting these new balls open?
  3. This is my first posted score that involves the new playing conditions calculation. I guess this means the nine holes were playing a half stroke harder due to the weather conditions? I played in the morning. Conditions were soft cause it had poured the night before so I guess maybe I wasn't getting the normal roll out on the fairways. The weather was much worse in the afternoon that day so maybe that weather is being taken into account? Either way, the new handicap system is interesting. Anyone else had their scores adjusted due to weather?
  4. Hey thanks for posting this. I was just about to ask about good putting fitters in the Charlotte, NC or Columbia, SC area. Sounds like you had a good experience there though.
  5. Alan - South Carolina Laser range finder with slope. I think all this tech coming out to help improve people's game is great. I do think at some point tech is going to give us information overload out on the course but I think we got a few more years before that happens. Thanks for the opportunity.
  6. Alan / South Carolina Odyssey Protype #9 13.7
  7. I always wondered about those glasses. Did they at least work as really bad sunglasses? lol
  8. My buddy and I got out at a local course this past weekend and we were paired up with another random duo. The other duo were great people and were great company during a long day at the course. We had a blistering fast pace of 4.75 hours so we had some good chats out on the tee boxes. They were awesome people. I noticed at the turn that one of the randoms had a square strike in the bag and I just kinda chuckled and didn't think much of it. We come to a hole towards the end of the round and the person with the SS proceeds to pitch a ball with what looks to be a normal wedge from right bes
  9. Toss me in with everyone else saying spikeless is the way to go. I have the 360 XT/SL (wide). I mostly walk and the only issue I have noticed was the shoe does rub the heal a little bit (mentioned in MyGolfSpy's review) but I got some thicker socks and problem solved. The boost material is the bomb.
  10. Alan/ South Carolina 13 Callaway The low driven, spiny ball.
  11. I have seen a lot of complaints about battery usage problems but I can't recall having them myself. I think a lot of it depends on how much your screen is actually on during the round and how much stuff you have running in the background. I have noticed about 30% to 40% usage for a round depending on the pace of play. Did have one round use about 50% but that was also because I was playing music through a speaker and texting most of the round. I was basically by myself on the course so I wasn't holding people up or anything. Once you get 180 holes logged (I think that is the right number
  12. I have the Arccos system and have 26 rounds under my belt. I really enjoy using the system and have found it really easy to use. Out of the 26 rounds, I have only had a had few of shots that did not register (not including putting). The only exception was one round that was played in poor weather conditions and it was too dark in some spots so the sensors did not turn on as there wasn't enough light to activate them. Really cool thing to mention, I got an email from Arccos less than a day later saying they had noticed I had manually recorded an abnormally high amount of shots durin
  13. Thanks for all the input everyone. I have decided to hold off on the endeavor for a little bit. Went out and shot a 99 which was mostly due to forgetting how to hit my current irons for the round. I'm just gonna grind out my current irons for a while till I can "figure it out" again. LOL
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