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  2. Another Canuck for ya eh!! 1 my first real round was about 12 years ago but from time to time I would go to the park by my house and just hit balls. I've been picking up more and more interest the past five years but this last year has gone through the roof. No official handicap yet but that is the goal for this year 2020. Since I've been keeping score of 'every' stroke I shoot around 90 2 golf; unlike other sports say hockey (being in Canada) is still a ton of fun even when playing with beginners and all skill levels. not to mention being in Canada the season being so short being outside in the sunshine green grass birds chirping, not much can beat that 3 what brought me to golf spy was a search for a putter that turned up a tester thread on golf spy. What has kept me coming back daily almost is few Google searches for info... Kept coming up MGs had an opinion. Love no putts given and these last few months been looking to upgrade my stuff from Dunlop STA. I love the unbiased opinions and the staff has helped me immensely in narrowing down what I should be tested for my ability and style. Going to blame My golf spy for me getting 99% a new bag only thing I kept was my lob wedge and have found the style of golf ball that suits me muah!!! 4 like I said I'm from Canada Midland Ontario just north of Toronto. Didn't really have a home course but finally played one here called settlers ghost, new home course I think 5 golf in my area is great there are golf courses from a nice little town-owned park par 3 all the way up to high-end beautiful courses. Another thing about here is the diversity an absolute gorgeousness of landscapes, Rocky terrains and tons all of lakes up here make it picturesque when we get a chance from May till October which is obviously the downside but there are several simulators in my area to scratch that winter itch 6 I'm the milkman. Although I don't get to visit as many housewives as I'd like the job has its perks like early afternoons with nothing to do but take a nice stroll for 18 holes 7 put a long story on the name. The gist of it is from fantasy football and a nickname I have from hockey kind of combined and now I use it for tons of things Sorry all that was so long but I guess I had lots to say. Can't wait they interact with all of you in the future.
  3. Ryan Ontario Dunlop Vista Still working on speed control but more of a strength of mine. A lot of oh oh aww's lol.
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