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  1. Chris Tucson, AZ 106 MPH, 20 HANDICAP 3 Wood 15* and 5 wood 20* LEFTY!
  2. Hi, My name is Chris, I live in Arizona. I currently use a cheapo putter that I found in a pawn shop, I don't even think it has a brand attached to it, certainly not one that anyone would recognize. It's a simple blade type putter. I have been trying to improve my game over the last couple months and am in the market for a new putter. I would love to try this one out. I am a decent putter, last time out I had no 3 putts and left myself with only 3 feet or less with all other putts. That said, I am a pretty poor golfer, still trying to get under 3 digits for 18 holes. Thanks for the
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