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  1. I am 35 years old and have been playing golf ever since I can remember. Currently I’m a +2 handicap. I love golf because you are outside and in the beauty’s of nature. As my love has grown it’s a way for me to spend quality time with my kids. I followed mygolfspy through Instagram and loved the reviews and it was a way of seeing what new equipment is out there. I am from Greensburg, KY. I have played at Green County CC my whole life. It’s a very short old style 9 hole golf course. In my area golf is very affordable. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled the US and see what golf cost and membership around my area varies from around $500-$3000 a year at various courses. With that being said it can be the downfall of golf in my area. You have to travel to find a well manicured course with length. Also weather plays a factor in how much golf you can play in a years time. I work at a sawmill. Ny user name is my initial and last name with my birth year.
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