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  1. - Scott - Castle Rock, CO - 8.5 - Srixon Z 785 - T100-S
  2. What models were you hitting? I'm just wondering if the distance difference was due to lofts. The Apex 7i is 30.5*. The MP-20 MB is 34*, and the other MP-20 models are 32*. I'm in the market for some news irons, so I'm curious what others are learning. I hit the Apex irons at a demo day over the summer. I just didn't care for the feel. Could have been the shafts, though. They were pretty limited on shaft options. I'm going in for a fitting in a couple of weeks, and will be looking at Mizunos. I hit some MP-18s the other day, and they felt fantastic. I haven't had Mizunos since the MP-60s, and I am missing them. Might have to give the Apex another shot when I find the correct shaft.
  3. I bought a cheap one off Amazon. The ball is great, but the lanyard sucks. Might have to pick up the real thing from Tour Striker.
  4. What is your favorite training aid, and what swing flaw did you get it to help with? I have struggled forever with over swinging, and tried everything to correct it. It has been such a struggle that even a lob wedge could get past parallel. I finally found something that has helped tremendously - the Gabe Golf swing trainer. It is a 7 iron with ball bearings in the shaft. You swing it to the top, and pause while the balls loudly slide down, then swing through. It has changed my swing dramatically. Better top position and better tempo. It really helped break my swing into 2 distinct part - the backswing, and the downswing. The pause gives me time to get to the proper top position, then clear my mind and only focus on the downswing. It's like the freezer drill where you freeze at the top, and I suppose that would work if you had a mirror. But with hearing the balls drop, it allows me to focus on the feel more than a visual. It's pretty amazing that after a few hundred swings with it, I can hit it farther and straighter from a paused position than I can from a normal swing. It added about 5-10 yards to my 7i carry, which was already at 185. I might have to adopt the Hideki pause in my normal swing! Anyway, I just wanted to share that with anyone suffering from the same problem, and find out from others if they have any similar stories with training aids that helped them transform their swing.
  5. I have had mine for about a month, and have mixed feelings about it. For pitches and short wedge shots, I love it. It really forces you to rotate correctly. I was pretty excited after going through the first 4 or 5 protocols. Unfortunately, once I progressed to trying to make a full swing, I didn't find it helpful at all. It seems pretty much impossible for me to make solid contact swinging full speed with it attached. My scores actually started going up after using the Planemate. I'm sure it's not the fault of the training aid, but the fault of my bad swing. I tend to swing all of my clubs long...to parallel like the driver...and it makes it difficult with the band attached. My next purchase was a Smart Ball a couple of weeks ago. Now THAT really helped my game a lot by helping me to swing a little shorter, more compact, and in sync. I used the Smart Ball for 2 days, then shot my best round of the season (a 76). Maybe I'll get the Planemate back out and try it with the Smart Ball.
  6. Looks like an alignment stick cover.
  7. Scott Colorado Scotty Cameron Futura 5W Frontline Elevado Single Bend
  8. - Scott - Colorado - 2016 Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5 - weakness
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