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  1. Michael/Boca Raton iPhone X iOS 14.2 Outdoors Yes into a Net
  2. Michael/Boca Raton, FL I have a net I got from Target that is on it’s lasts leg lol I use a Garmin G80, not super reliable and not quite sure the distances displayed are either
  3. Michael/Boca Ratón, FL 9.5 Standard Width Asics Gel Course Duo Stability
  4. Mike Boca, FL Cobra Speedzone 6.4 102mph TSi 2
  5. Michael/Boca Raton, FL 6.1 Mizuno T20 The texture on the finish of a raw wedge is something I like.
  6. Mike - Florida I have a very old putting mat I dug out of storage during the lockdown. Living in Florida we can practice pretty much wherever and whenever we want. I only have this one narrow piece of turf. It doesn’t roll very true though. I (and my wife as well) would like the outdoor mat so I can get my current one out of our living room. If that isn’t available I would be grateful for anything you send should I win.
  7. Mike/Boca Raton, FL/USA Mizuno M Craft 3 Fetch for me. Putter fitting revealed a Face Balanced putter suits my stroke best.
  8. Handicap: 9.7 Mike, Florida 8 iron carry 145 yards Currently gaming Sub 70 Wedges
  9. Michael / Florida Handicap: 11 Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 155 yards
  10. Mike - Boca Raton, FL I rely on my playing partners who have Rangefinders for yardages I haven’t made the leap into technology but I believe it can help the game.
  11. Mike Pasvantis - Boca Raton, FL No putt line drawn in manually I use the line marked on the ball already Titleist Pro V1 Black 360 line, no text
  12. To say that I am an equipment junkie is like saying “water is wet” but with that comes some trepidation especially with all the online content out there that may not have your best interest at heart. Enter MyGolfSpy. You guys have provided us an honest layer of protection from the Marketing Departments along with tremendous insight and for that, I am sure, we are all thankful for. Golf is a lot like life and there are many lessons to be learned, the beauty of it is that the learning process is never ending. Golf is a journey, not a destination and I am happy to have MGS along for the ride. With Much Appreciation, Michael Pasvantis
  13. Mike - Florida Driver SS - 102mph Bridgestone Tour BRX Maxfli Tour
  14. Mike Pasvantis/Florida Handicap: 12.1 Irons: Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal 7 iron carry: 155
  15. Mike-Florida Handicap-12 Current Wedges: Mizuno MP T5 50-8, 54-7, 58-8 Favorite Wedge Shot is the full yardage strike that stops on a dime to my exact yardage.
  16. -Mike -Florida -Odyssey Metal X Milled 9HT -Strength
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