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  1. Just played my 1st 9 of the year. Use an old bag boy 3 wheeler. Testing one of these motos out would be a great start to the season. Count me in pretty please!
  2. Tom Ohio Cleveland Huntington Beach #6 Cero single bend. Would live to compare against my current Cleveland putter..
  3. So I've read a bunch of good things about the cbx fairway woods and decided to hit ebay try one out. Found a good deal and pulled the trigger. However, It has a kuro kage r shaft in it and I usually play a project x 6.0 shaft. So I thought that I could pull the shaft, trim a half inch and reinstall the shaft, accomplishing a couple of things. First, it would stiffen the shaft up a bit and also get the club to my preferred playing length for a 3 wood of 42.5 inches. Think this could work?
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