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  1. Mike Tucson, AZ 12 Titeilst AP2 (710) Ttry 100S I understand that the T100 is closest to the AP2 that I have been using for years. It would be a treat to be able to try new technology. In Arizona we can still play so I'd do my best to give a great review. Thanks for the opportunity.
  2. I would dearly like to test some of the newest in technology. I am Michael Greene from Tucson Arizona I currently use a 10 year old Sonocaddie system that shows yardage to front, middle and back of the green. I believe technology such as range devices is a great help to the golf game. The proper use of technology can speed play which every golfer should endorse. Thanks in advance for considering me to be a tester. Mike
  3. Mike Greene - I currently use a 9 year old Sonocaddie. I would like to do some mapping of my home course but my yardage guide is not the tool to use. This opportunity would give me the chance to do my mapping and evaluate the equipment for all. I would love the opportunity to give it a try.
  4. Mike Currently living in Tucson, AZ Swing speed is a fantastic 95 (still trying to break into the 100's) Play a Bridgestone E6 Soft Haven't had the opportunity to try a Snell. After reading the review recently posted here, I would really like to try the ball.
  5. Mike from the great state of Arizona. Current putter is a Scotty Cameron Newport 3 Putting can be a strength or weakness depending upon the day. I feel strong from 6 feet in. The long lag putts is where I have trouble. Most of my trouble is getting the speed correct. I can usually hit the line I'm aiming for. For the most part, I don't give away to many strokes on the green. I've read and been told that the new shaft technology in the Stroke Lab putters should help with a more consistent stroke which would help my lag putts. I would love the opportunity to test/review this technology. Thanks
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