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  1. Wait a second, this isn't the test for the electric carts? Uh oh, I think I need to get back on line and cancel my order, I was wondering why EZ GO wasn't in this....
  2. I'm surprised the Tommy Armour 845 didn't get the best value. All of the hints Harry was dropping on the pod I thought that was a shoe in. The data doesn't lie I guess but I am still surprised. I didn't dive in too far to the data but was the gap significant? Also, the most wanted and the best value are only $50 apart in price. Does that make the Tour Edge a "pound for pound" king?
  3. Mike New Braunfels, Tx Apex Pro '19 15 7 iron carry 145-150
  4. Yeah I was surprised too. I can't explain it but I just didn't like the ball. Plus, they seemed to scuff really easy. I was kicking around the AVX or the Z Star XV. Thanks for the feedback
  5. I'm looking to make a ball change. I'm playing the TP5. Though it's cool to watch it spin back when I'm hitting it well, it just balloons on me in the wind and I get little roll out with the driver. I tried the TP5x but didn't really get a great feel for it. So is there any recommendations for lower spinning ball that can still have some stopping power on the greens? I actually prefer playing a bit more roll out on chips. I don't really care too much for soft feel but I don't want to hit pebbles either. I hit an MTB-X today for a few holes (until I hit it into a river) and it seemed
  6. No, at the time I didn't give a ton of thought to switch them out. I might mess around with it in the next week. The shop is good about letting me try things out so I'll grab the Mavrik heads and try them with my shaft. We were really out there for my son who was getting fit for irons. Getting to play around with the different Mavrik heads was just bonus.
  7. I demo'd all 3 Mavrik drivers vs my Epic Flash gamer and felt like the standard was the best of the 3. None I felt were as good as the Flash, they seemed to produce a lot more spin for me but that might have more to do with the shaft in the demo drivers. It was strange that for both myself and the guy doing the fitting the Sub Zero had a really high ball flight. Now I did just pick up the 15 degree fairway wood and that club is unbelievable. Really easy to get up even on shots low in the face. I can't be happier with it. Plus, I only had to come out of pocket about $70 because I wo
  8. Mike New Braunfels, TX TaylorMade TP5 Pix Between 100-105 driver swing speed
  9. Mike Texas 18 Taylor made Burner 2.0 Carry 145, but made a posture and swing change today that showed some promise.
  10. Mike New Braunfels, TX 20 handicap Have never used a real trainer, started using a metronome app on my phone on a 4/4 6 bps cadence when practicing and it's helped.
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