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  1. Good evening: So far my testing is comparative to the others. I feel the ball is similar if not identical to the AVX. I have been putting chipping and trying to get some good spin data to present as well. I will have more to post next week and hope to have more pictures and videos. It has been a great test so far and this page has been so active I really enjoy participating with everyone on this and sharing information for everyone.
  2. Currently gaming a 48*, 54* and 60*. Used to primarily use the 54* but have started to use the 60* a little more ofter
  3. I have 4. The PW in my iron set and then a 50*, 54* and 60*
  4. I will be very intersted in this test, I went to free T series fitting and was suggested to get either 200s or split 150/200 set. Congrats all testers
  5. I agree there are so many I like to watch but if I’m gonna root for one player week in and week out it’s gotta be Jordan Spieth
  6. Congrats! @Nunfa0 @RichL85 @TheOther1 @Willie T Looking forward to your thoughts
  7. In general I will walk in any conditions. When I take a cart I really prefer it to be when I am the first one out as a single and fairways are ok. I enjoy a quick 1 1/2 hour round now and then
  8. In the Portland area the rates seem to be fairly consistent. $5 small - 35 $9 medium - 70 $13 large - 105 One range I prefer has annual unlimited pass for $550 and has grass teeing area open during the summer Another has a 50 large bucket card for $455 which is a 30% discount so a large comes out to $9.10/bucket. It seems like most ranges replace their balls in the late Spring so they are in decent shape.
  9. As a tester this year, first one for MGS, I wanted to share my experience. If you are questioning whether to apply or not, don't! I have been a part of MGS for a while and love reading the reviews from all of you. The support from MGS was great, the instructions were clear and the vendor was extremally supportive as well. There was regular communication with all of the testers and in the smaller group that was testing my specific Garsen grip. I even made connection with one of that testers that lives in Portland as well. We have not been golfing yet as our schedules are kinda opposite but we will! I also enjoyed talking with others about their experiences and finding that they were similar was very encouraging. So if you are on the fence, give it a go and apply for something you are interested in. Thanks MGS for putting the effort to get product testing by all of you members.
  10. Can't wait to hear the results, I am considering some speed training and this one I am interested in.
  11. Congrats everyone, looking forward to your opinions
  12. It wasn’t an option or I would’ve chosen that. I also chose the tapered to compare the skinny feel to the larger feels.
  13. My testing continues. I played a total of three rounds and a couple days at the range (putting green included) plus putting at home. I have now used all three grips in play and for the remainder of my testing I will focus only on the Tour grip. I continue to be happy and impressed with the quality of the Garsen grips. My main point of my review will be based on feel and confidence versus stats. I think in the end the Max may be my grip of choice but I will see how the Tour grows on me over time.
  14. So yesterday was my first day on the course after 4 1/2 months in hip recovery. My hip felt great by the way! So today I used only the Tour gripped putter. I may take 2 on Friday and take 2 putts from same spot. Anyway, stats were decent, I made 32 putts much better than the rest of my round. I only three putted once and 7 of my 2nd putts were 6 inches or less. I was able to have good control and pace, in fact several putts were left hanging on the edge but my shadow didn't make them go in. While my game has a lot of work to get back in shape after not swinging a club for so long, I am thankful for my backyard putting green. As I mentioned previously I am more of a large grip person but if you want a smaller grip this is good. It does have a great feel and sufficient tackiness without being too much. Let me know if you have any questions.
  15. Initial impressions: 10/10 All 3 grips feel like a high quality grip. I chose to do my review on the Tour and I selected a tapered one to have the slimmest profile. I wanted to compare with the other grips as well as other big name grips. I typically install a larger style more like the ultimate or max. As @Siamese Moose noted in their update the Tour is quite tough to get installed. I spent a fair amount of time getting it on and even ended up with a little nick out of the leading edge rubber, it won't affect playability just disappointed I did it. Anyway the other 2 installed very easily, all 3 were installed using just air so I can switch them between putters throughout the test if I choose. Attaching some pictures for your enjoyment. I have been putting several times today in between meetings. On the clubs all 3 feel nice and comfortable. I would equate the tour tapered similar to a typical pistol grip with out the curvature at the but end. The texture is the right balance between grip and comfort.
  16. I feel so privileged to be a part of this test. I am excited to test all 3 and see which is the best fit for me. I do think they are up against the well known name(s) but hey Tony won in Mexico!
  17. Now introducing: My name is Stan Johnson. I live in the Pacific Northwest of USA in the state of Oregon. I picked up the game in my early 20s through a friend. I wish I had played golf in high school but I ran Cross County and Track. I am 56, nearly 57 and looking to retire at 60. My present overall golf goal is to get my game in shape for retirement, I plan to play at least 3-5 days a week. I had some time off in my 40s as my best friend moved to SLC and my kids were both in sports so much of my free time was spent going to their events. I really started playing more about 6 years ago when my son decided he wanted to play. He played one year in high school and got a college scholarship for golf, that was fun to see his quick progress. My golf game. Well I am presently a 10hcp I have moved from a 22 when I started keeping track a couple years ago. Last year I dropped 3 strokes and am hoping to do the same this year. I had some hip repair (not a replacement) in January so May is when I can start playing again and I am SO looking forward to it. Living in Oregon we can play pretty much year round except for the occasional snow but we do get a lot of rain! So I play rain or shine. I practice in my backyard everyday as 2 years ago we ripped up our yard and installed turf and a putting green. Putting has always been one of my strengths and I continue to work on pace. Since adding the putting green 3 putting has nearly gone away and I work on my chipping so my over short game is dramatically improving. I actually have heard of Garsen and have one of their grips on a putter I won. I am testing the quad tour and will be comparing it to an OEM grip on a MOD1 putter and to an old superstroke grip. I am excited for the opportunity to test 3 different models to see which I feel most comfortable with and just feels right. I rotate between 3 different putters so I will not be installing these with tape so I more easily move them between different putters. I am very honored to be chosen for this opportunity and look forward to sending updates to the MGS family. Please let me know if you have any questions along my journey. ================================= First Impressions 10/10 (separate post) Aesthetics (10 out of 10) To me the grip has a very nice classic look. It is a one that clearly states quality but in an almost understated way. Garsen is really making quality grips that suit various grips and styles. The Fit and Feel (15 out of 20) As I have mentioned in my previous updates and initial impression I personally prefer a larger putter grip. I wanted to try this one to see how a smaller grip would work for me. I chose the tapered so it is even smaller than the standard tour grip but not in a bad way. It is very comfortable to use and I did not experience any issues with sweat or moisture causing slippage. Confidence is important when putting and the grip definitely fits that bill even for a smaller grip. I was able to install each grip on a putter so I could use them interchangeably throughout the testing period. I would consider the grip to medium to medium-firm in density with appropriate softness without squishiness. I did not give it full marks just due to the size. On The Course (20 out of 20) I was surprised at my confidence in using this grip. I had no problems with alignment or consistency in grip. I was definitely able to gather enough feedback from the club to keep my putts speed accurate. I did not keep any before and after stats as I feel the review of a grip is more about personal impression. That said I only had 2-3 3 putts during the whole time of using the grip so that is a positive. I experimented with many different grip styles during the test and I was able to comfortably use the Tour with all of them. I grip my putter with both thumbs straight down and no overlap so the flat front worked well with that. I did not install it with tape as at the beginning of the test I thought I would move all of the grips around to different putters but alas I did not move them. I am still confident in my views with regards to connection to the putter and the feel of the ball strike. The Good, the bad, the in between (15 out of 20) Ok bad news first. I struggled getting this grip on. Yes I was just using air but the other two went on easily but the tour felt like I was trying to squeeze my size 11 feet into size 9 cowboy boots. I am guessing you can imagine how long that would take! Second, the butt end of my putter has a little imperfection on it so it sliced a bit of rubber leading edge. It was small so I just trimmed off all the way around and no one would even notice. I don’t know if this was because of how tight the grip fits or the thin rubber at the end compared with the others. For the middle of the road, the grip is all black except for lettering and I personally like to have some style and uniqueness in my putter grip. I chose red for the Ultimate and that is much more my personal style. What’s awesome about the grip. Let’s start with customer service! I think from the day we submitted our color selections to arrival was just a few days. I did have a question about installation and they were very prompt in reply. Play it or Trade it? (10 out of 20) For me it would be trade but not because it is not a quality grip it is the size. If you prefer a quality smaller grip and one that wins on tour then it is a great grip to get. Garsen in general is a company I have been following and am excited to have participated in this test. As for the Ultimate it is a keeper! Conclusion Garsen has been making bigtime inroads on all levels of tour events with over 50 wins. All three grips use the same texture and the quality appears to be consistently great. I think the tour is a very nice grip, comfortable and durable. It is great for those wanting a more traditional size and look. I do not hesitate in recommending any of them including the Tour. Please let me know if you have any questions. Final Score (80 out of 100) including my initial impressions review
  18. Primarily a walker unless on a resort course with carts included. I like the five mile walk.
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