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  1. I actually just my opinion on pace of play in the unpopular opinion thread. Pace of play is largely influenced by golf courses trying to fit as many tee times as they can into each hour instead of allowing the proper amount of time in between groups. I've gone to some courses and witnessed on the first tee a group on the green, a group in the fairway, and a group on the tee, and the marshall is calling the next group up. When I play, I don't tee off until the group ahead of me walks onto that green. It does me no good to hit the moment they hit their 2nd shot because I'll just be waiting again. When it comes to beginners I believe that it's the course length and tees that they are playing. If you want to play instead of working on the range, then I can't stop you; but if you barely advance the ball 150 yards consistently, you shouldn't be playing from any tee over 6000. You should be playing 5500 yards max.
  2. Pace of play is largely driven by courses trying to jam as many tee times as possible into every hour instead of allowing proper time between groups. Allowing the pin to remain in when putting has no effect on pace of play. Also when playing a group of 2 or 4, when your cart passenger is going to hit their shot, take your laser or whatever (you don't need to grab a club) and walk over to your ball and gather the information you need to hit the shot. I hate it when we are behind a group and the driver is hitting their shot and then the drive 20 yards and the other guy has to hit his shot and we have to wait for them to make their decision and figure out a distance; all of that should have been done before. Don't rush your shot because you didn't prepare. Prepare in advance and hit a good shot.
  3. - John - New Orleans, Louisiana - 95-105 / 1.6 hcp - 15* Taylormade M2 3-wood, 22* Adams Idea a7 hybrid Right Hand
  4. I've been playing golf for 25 years. I'm in my early 30's and I played competitive golf through high school and some in the beginning of college. I play and practice a fraction of what I did in my earlier years, but I'm playing the best golf I've ever played. I think the availability of laser rangefinders has changed the entire game for me. I had on in high school but it was huge and bulky and I couldn't really use other than to practice and even then I didn't understand the concept of "course management." But now that I am older and the rangefinder fits in my palm, I never hit a shot until I have the full picture. I gather distances to front, back, pin, bunker, water, and my misses. I know before I pull that club that wherever I end up I can handle it and that alone has transformed my game. My GHIN is a 1.6 and most of that I attribute to course management.
  5. 1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've been plating for 26 years. GHIN handicap is 1.6 put currently playing to about a 4. 2. What do you love about golf? I love how you can play the same course a million times and all it takes is some wind or some wet conditions to completely change what you knew about it. 3.What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? Google. I know no one here; at least I don't think I know anyone. 4. Where are you from? What is your home course? New Orleans, Louisiana. I don't have a home course. I play anywhere that's in good shape that has a tee time available. 5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The worst is outrageous prices some courses charge to play when their maintenance crew can't even keep a a fake plant living. The best in it's warm enough to play all year round and you only really have to worry about rain. 6. What do you do for a living? Hospital Administration 7. How’d you pick your user name? I moved to Virginia for some time after Hurricane Katrina but NOVA means Northern Virginia so I made VANO.
  6. -John -Louisiana -Scotty Cameron Pro Platinum Newport Mid-Slant 33.5 inches -Weakness - I struggle with speed of putts and backswing length.
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