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  1. OMG I LOVE Philly Cheesesteaks! Welcome to MGS. Gotta go Im hungry now.
  2. I know they say any color matches with tan but I just can’t see myself wearing pastels and fruity colors with tan cargo shorts just because. I’m 300 lbs. Every other golfer would see a huge easter egg driving a golf cart down the fairway. (Who am I kidding, driving down the rough weaving in and out of trees). It would be nice to actually have a shirt that has a little bit a tan trim or a tan line something to put together. Now I’m not looking for matchy matchy GarAnimals my mother bought when I was a kid, but a little style is nice. Any suggestions?
  3. Good to know thanks! I’ll check it out. Although I’m more the B than the T. DXL was mentioned I would recommend there. And my good friend Yer turned me on to Gordman’s. They have a small but inexpensive and changing selection of B & T!
  4. The show Hack2Jack took 12 of us and wanted to see if they could turn a Hack golfer 2 Jack N. Gave us nutritionalist, free chiropractic, health club membership, free pga lessons, unlimited practice and golf for a summer.
  5. Carl the golf reality show was called Hack2Jack. You can google it. Very cool experience. Was on Season 1 and Season 2
  6. First of all I joined because there is no judging I’ve been told. I’m a high handicaper -16.8- with only Low 90’s swing speed. I am a 300lb disabled USMC veteran and recently retired inner city high school teacher. I now have more time to practice and play. Clubs are hard to fit for me. I’m using Bridgetone J15’s. Irons 4-W with NS Pro shafts Driver is the J815 with a Fubuki graphite Flex-S shaft 10.5° Also the Bridgestone J15F 3W same Fubuki shaft 15° And a J15HY 5 W 23° withsame Fubuki shaft. BTW I lost the hearcover to my 5w and would love to get a replacement one. Any suggestions? I’ve tried Ebay and Amazon. Putter is an Odyssey Backstrike Blade with SuperStroke grip. It’s an older model but I was “fitted” for it at one of the big box store chains. I like it but the ball doesn’t go in the hole so I think it’s broken. Bag is a nice Bridgestone Tour Bag engraved with the name of a Golf Reality show I was cast member. Thnx for reading.
  7. Love that Titleist Vokey wedge With the right finished. I have a 54° one and love it! I’ve had it a while ago and even has the square grooves. Is that still legal To play I wonder?
  8. I posted this to you in the Paul a valuation for him but I couldn’t find a evaluation on the Kirkland ball. I hear many things about it but I’m not sure if it is all true. Has it been tested on this site before? What do you guys think? Anybody tried them?
  9. I’ve heard a lot about the Kirkland balls. I’m searching through the form of ball reviews and can’t find one yet. I wonder what people think about it On my golf spy.
  10. As a teacher myself I take offense to that comment! J/k lol
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