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  1. I've also got the free sensors from having a cobra driver. I agree the pin placement isn't that good, but I cut them some slack for this, pins change everyday so impossible to automatically set up, and it seems like based on where you put they give an estimation on where the pin is located, and that seems to be fairly accurate. I've played 66 holes (weird number, I play a 4 hole loop a lot), and it has only missed 1 full shot, and had a big screw up, i'm thinking because there is a tee that is VERY close to the green on my course. I had game golf live, and had the same issue on that spot on the course, so far arccos is MILES ahead of game golf live. The only thing I check is number of putts per hole periodically throughout the round, and after I do my best to reposition pins accurately. I do have a pretty new iphone, so that may help with keeping the app run smoothly throughout a round. My question, is how are people using the app to improve? Strictly following the caddie feature, which i have yet to "unlock"? Using the strokes gains categories to know what to practice?
  2. n8rsgonnan8

    AVX vs PRO V1

    I tried a sleeve of AVX within the first year they came out. Flight seemed a little lower, big thing I notice was the feel of the ball. It felt really soft, almost mushy. Personally I liked the really soft feel.
  3. Nate - Amesbury, MA - 95mph driver, 9 handicap - 3 wood, 19* hybrid Right Hand What a great test opportunity! I've been thinking a lot about what to do with the top of my bag, new 3 wood? another hybrid? Driving iron?
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