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  1. Handicap: 4.5, Based in NYC Current Irons: Mizuno MP-58, DG X100 shafts, current 8 iron distance: 160yds. What do you know about Sub70?: Never heard of Sub70 before MGS. Have very little knowledge about them.
  2. - Jack - NY - Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar - FRONTLINE ELEVADO SLANT NECK PUTTER- Right handed
  3. Hey everyone, new to MGS, been in NYC about 18 months. Picked up golf as a 5 year old, played competitively in High school (got down to a 2) and then got burnt out. Got the bug back about a year ago, and have been playing lately to about a 7 or 8! Constantly working on my swing, always an aspect of the game to focus on, and then being able to shape shots and execute is a great balance of instant gratification and long term growth. Looking to engage more with a passionate golf community. Having worked at Golf Galaxy and at various country clubs growing up, I'm alway
  4. Jack-New York, NY 8.0 HCP No Hybrid, Mizuno MP-58 3 Iron 19* to replace my 3 iron loft
  5. Jack- New York, NY 118 Driver Swing Speed Prov1X Have never used them. Upon seeing the reviews and numbers for players with my speed, I'd love a chance to try them out.
  6. Jack, New York Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar Right Hand Ive recently changed my putting stroke around, and am no longer a severe arc putter. My Scotty is very toe-balanced, and it’s making me feel less confident over the ball. I’d love to more heel-toe balanced putter (TA 3) with a different aesthetic so that I can ultimately determine its impact on my putts.
  7. Jack New York, NY 117-120 mph driver swing speed 7 handicap 15* 3 wood, 3 iron, 4 iron right handed
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