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  1. Handicap: 4.5, Based in NYC Current Irons: Mizuno MP-58, DG X100 shafts, current 8 iron distance: 160yds. What do you know about Sub70?: Never heard of Sub70 before MGS. Have very little knowledge about them.
  2. - Jack - NY - Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar - FRONTLINE ELEVADO SLANT NECK PUTTER- Right handed
  3. Hey everyone, new to MGS, been in NYC about 18 months. Picked up golf as a 5 year old, played competitively in High school (got down to a 2) and then got burnt out. Got the bug back about a year ago, and have been playing lately to about a 7 or 8! Constantly working on my swing, always an aspect of the game to focus on, and then being able to shape shots and execute is a great balance of instant gratification and long term growth. Looking to engage more with a passionate golf community. Having worked at Golf Galaxy and at various country clubs growing up, I'm always eager to learn more about the sport, equipment, and connect with passionate golfers! Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Never really had a home course, but played Wayzata Country Club probably more than any other course from my HS golf days Best thing, lots of great courses nearby, worst thing, they all take 90 min to get to and cost about $100 to play (along with the transportation costs for me to get out there) Software sales rep for a Marketing Technology company. Multiple references of "Billy" in classic movies, Billy Madison being one, Caddyshack being the other. This quote comes from Billy Madison
  4. Jack-New York, NY 8.0 HCP No Hybrid, Mizuno MP-58 3 Iron 19* to replace my 3 iron loft
  5. Jack- New York, NY 118 Driver Swing Speed Prov1X Have never used them. Upon seeing the reviews and numbers for players with my speed, I'd love a chance to try them out.
  6. Jack, New York Scotty Cameron California Series Del Mar Right Hand Ive recently changed my putting stroke around, and am no longer a severe arc putter. My Scotty is very toe-balanced, and it’s making me feel less confident over the ball. I’d love to more heel-toe balanced putter (TA 3) with a different aesthetic so that I can ultimately determine its impact on my putts.
  7. Jack New York, NY 117-120 mph driver swing speed 7 handicap 15* 3 wood, 3 iron, 4 iron right handed
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