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  1. I had the V3 for over 15. Flawless. This product not so much. It’s literally a piece of junk. I just had the slope switch fall off now too. This v5 I’ve had just at a month. Just trying to save someone else from experiencing what I just did. This original post was from 2020. It’s sad this crappy customer service has been going on with Bushnell
  2. Well what do you think caused the damage? Please enlighten me. That’s the only liquid that’s been close to it
  3. I found this topic a bit late. Wish I would have found it earlier and went with a different product. I purchased the V5 Shift with slope in August of last year. My first unit I had issues with the eye piece not focusing. I returned it to Bushnell under warranty and after a 2 MONTH turnaround I received a new unit. A few months passed and I started having issues with the slope not switching off. Contacted customer service and went through the t/s processes. New battery, resetting unit. Nothing would fix my inoperative slope switch. I wasn't really excited about sending it back and not having my range finder for another 2 months. I decided to try the the retailer which was a local golf shop I bought it from. They messed around with it and after explaining my previous incident they replaced the unit for me. Fast forward 3 weeks. Im putting a cap on a drink. my range finder is attached to the cart roof rail. My drink was over filled. When I push the cap onto the drink a drop shoots into the air and lands on the lens of the range finder. I quickly clean it off. I look through the range finder and I see a blemish that wont clean off. I send my third unit back to Bushnell for warranty. I get back and email saying warranty is voided. Water damage. You have got to be kidding me, They offer a 20% discount on the purchase of a new unit. Yea, no thanks. Wont be needed. I will never be buying another Bushnell product. Absolutely absurd.,
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