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  1. Garrett Bruno Nashville,TN Average Score. 85 Current Irons. Callaway X forged
  2. 15 handicap Nashville,TN Callaway X forged (2009) 8 iron - 155 I know that sub 70 is direct to consumer, and they focus on value for your money. They look pretty awesome for what kind of value you get.
  3. Garrett Tennessee Handicap - about a 15 58 Degree - Nike VR pro 6 degrees of bounce 54 Degree - Vokey TSD K grind 50 Degree - Taylormade ATV 46 Degree - Vokey SM4 F Grind Favorite Wedge Shot is probably a full 54 from 100 yards out, it’s just a really demanding shot that can either go really good or really bad depending on your focus.
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