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  1. I partially stand corrected. Now I have not had this set in my hands, but they very much look like PXG's most entry level improvement club based on offset and loft. And at $1400 dollars a set their least expensive set rivals other brands most expensive irons (TM P790 @ $1400, Callaway APex PRO @ $1300, Mizuno MP-20 @ $1300, etc) while PXG's premier sets come in at $2,800, a 2.15x increase. PXG does not make superior equipment based on MGS' own testing. Their irons don't appear in the top 5 of any of MSG most wanted Iron testing that I could find. In fact, PXG equipment only appears twice that I could see in any category (Most wanted best value, and High Swing Speed most forgiveness). This price to performance ratio, only in my opinion (which is what the OP asked for) is not cool. But as I stated before, taking care of our military, police, fire, ems the way they do is way cool.
  2. If you are slamming them into the turf at 70-100mph as you should be then the scars will come often and early. IMO also having a little dark wear spot on the face where you make impact is an amazing look.
  3. I also say no. Its hard to believe that a brand that cost upwards of 3x more than the brands that win most on tour could pass for this. Just the fact that 99% of people cant afford them makes them uncool. Winning is cool, and they aren't often found in the winners circle. I will say, however, I do love they try and take care of our military/first responders with a great discount. That does make them cool, it just benefits a very small portion of the golf population.
  4. This is the exact boat I am in right now. My NX7Pro works great and I cant decide whether the magnet is worth the upgrade to the NX9. I love the free batteries for life. Every time my battery gets to one bar (which seems to happen pretty quickly) I just jump on the website and get another battery. Great Rangefinder for the price.
  5. This is hands down the best set of irons I have ever owned. Not an intimidating blade to hit at all.
  6. This. I get fit for every set of irons and always take my specs and build where the price is cheaper. I would say have reasonable expectations for yourself also. If you aren't (and I am not saying you aren't) the low handicap/pro the above post mentions I would be hard pressed to see upgrading to a $250 Velocore or similar as something reasonable. Pick a couple different sets that inspire confidence when you look down at them (you know, the ones that make you say "Damn, that's sexy") then see if you can make them fit your game. Have fun. This is the most fun you can have picking equipment.
  7. I would have half suspected these to say "Safariland" on the side.
  8. Sweet setup! But why the switch from Sim to Sim 2? other that the obviously awesome looking blue aluminum ring.
  9. Only thing not pictured is the new Vessel Stand 3 Bag. Which is Awesome!
  10. Ryan/ Windsor Ca 118 Taylormade Sim Mitsubishi Diamana s60 X Yes Modus NS 120
  11. Ryan Windsor, California Walk almost every round, 100 or more each year. yes, Caddytek V3
  12. Ryan / Windsor, Ca Cleveland RTX 4- 54 /Taylormade Hi Toe- 60 54/60
  13. -Ryan -Rohnert Park, Ca -driver speed 117MPH, Indx 1.6 -M1 17 degree hybrid and Callaway Epic 15 degree 3 wood -Right handed
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