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  1. 8 minutes ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

    Haven’t followed them much the past year, I assume?

    The 2021 0211 line is priced less than many of the major new lines out and is a great iron it’s own right apart from the 0311. 

    I partially stand corrected. Now I have not had this set in my hands, but they very much look like PXG's most entry level improvement club based on offset and loft. And at $1400 dollars a set their least expensive set rivals other brands most expensive irons (TM P790 @ $1400, Callaway APex PRO @ $1300, Mizuno MP-20 @ $1300, etc) while PXG's premier sets come in at $2,800, a 2.15x increase. PXG does not make superior equipment based on MGS' own testing. Their irons don't appear in the top 5 of any of MSG most wanted Iron testing that I could find. In fact, PXG equipment only appears twice that I could see in any category (Most wanted best value, and High Swing Speed most forgiveness). This price to performance ratio, only in my opinion (which is what the OP asked for) is not cool. 


    But as I stated before, taking care of our military, police, fire, ems the way they do is way cool. 

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  2. If you are slamming them into the turf at 70-100mph as you should be then the scars will come often and early. IMO also having a little dark wear spot on the face where you make impact is an amazing look. 

  3. I also say no. 

    Its hard to believe that a brand that cost upwards of 3x more than the brands that win most on tour could pass for this. Just the fact that 99% of people cant afford them makes them uncool. Winning is cool, and they aren't often found in the winners circle. 


    I will say, however, I do love they try and take care of our military/first responders with a great discount. That does make them cool, it just benefits  a very small portion of the golf population. 

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  4. On 3/28/2021 at 5:40 AM, juspoole said:

    I've got the Precision Pro NX7.  Maybe a bit slower on locking distance than others you mentioned.  I think it has black numbers, but it has everything I need.  Good optics, slope, and jolt when you lock in on flagstick.  I'm not that picky as long as I feel confident with the yardage it gives out.  Numbers have always been within 1 yard of my buddies bushnell that cost him $400 and I was able to get mine for $150.

    Oh and they give free batteries for life - not a big deal, but something extra.  I've considered the NX9 which has magnet and a better chip for faster locking and distance read out.

    This is the exact boat I am in right now. My NX7Pro works great and I cant decide whether the magnet is worth the upgrade to the NX9. I love the free batteries for life. Every time my battery gets to one bar (which seems to happen pretty quickly) I just jump on the website and get another battery. Great Rangefinder for the price. 

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  5. On 3/28/2021 at 2:50 PM, fixyurdivot said:

    I recently completed a full bag fitting at Truespec Scottsdale. My suggestions.

    The first suggestion I have is; don't plan to buy from them.  Get a complete set of LM data, build spec data, and a quote for whatever you decide on.  TS prices are high and you can save $$ having other, competent sources build your clubs.

    Layout your short list of heads and shafts and take pictures to help you reference for later.  These fittings can be a bit overwhelming and you'll no doubt have some decisions to make.

    My take on TS is that they have very competent fitters and tend to cater to the more game serious, low handicap/pro players.  They also don't have (or at least Scottsdale didn't) some of the no (or low cost) upcharge OEM shaft options - and instead had higher end/price shafts. For that reason, if there is a specific head and shaft you've already tried and want to repeat, you might want to ask if they have it.  I actually borrowed a G425 and Recoil ES780F3 from a local pro shop to take with me.

    Good luck and have fun.

    This. I get fit for every set of irons and always take my specs and build where the price is cheaper. I would say have reasonable expectations for yourself also. If you aren't (and I am not saying you aren't) the low handicap/pro the above post mentions I would be hard pressed to see upgrading to a $250 Velocore or similar as something reasonable. Pick a couple different sets that inspire confidence when you look down at them (you know, the ones that make you say "Damn, that's sexy") then see if you can make them fit your game. Have fun. This is the most fun you can have picking equipment. 

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  6. 4 hours ago, GolfSpy STUDque said:



    The biggest knock on artificial putting greens is that they don't roll like real putting greens. BirdieBall believes it's cracked the code. Using a proprietary foam material, it claimed status as MyGolfSpy's  "Best Putting Mat 2020."

    Given the state of the world, it seems everyone is adding something to the "at home" practice arsenal, so here's your chance to keep sharp while locked down.


    This opportunity is available to current forum members residing in the US. To apply, reply to this thread with the following information:

    1. First Name and Location
    2. Ryan Windsor, ca
    3. How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter?
    4. Perfect Putt
    5. Current/Past Experience with putting mats
    6. Owned several. Made my own. 6 years experience. 
    7. Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test
    8. 4×10 Dual


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