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  1. Garen Eggleston Ohio/Florida when in Ohio I would putt on family room carpet or roll out the basic practice putting green I received for Christ a few years ago , while oh Florida home putt at CC practice green that’s dormant and terrible I gave a cheap lousy practice mat that’s worthless I would prefer one that’s 9-10 in Stimp
  2. Garen E Florida/Ohio Wilson infinite Windy City interested in any
  3. Garen Florida/9months ohio-3/months hdcp-12.4 index Tour Edge HL2 Kbs Tour90 shafts 4-AW
  4. Garen Galloway Ohio cleveland 56° 56° medium bounce
  5. The Villages Florida 9 handicap 13.1 index currently play Tour Edge HL2 kbs tour flight 90 gram shafts i have reviewed Sub 70Products from time to time And actually considering them for my next purchase. Fan of their business model and their customer service process my 8 iron Goes 130-140 Depending on conditions
  6. Garen Eggleston Florida/Ohio yes Bushnell Neo and Sky Caddy early watch Bushnell V-3
  7. Garen Eggleston Lady Lakes Florida current driver M -3 swing speed at 103
  8. Garen Eggleston Florida /Ohio (3months) handicap index 16.8 I have a 24°And 21° Titleist hybrids I want hybrids to fly high , penetrate the wind and be worked both ways ,my hybrids are really solid but the exs are well teknowned
  9. I don’t use a line other than the manufacturer lines and I putt with it perpendicular to the line so I try to hit it square so please don’t include me
  10. Current location -The Villages Florida then 10 weeks in Columbus Ohio handicap index 14.7 twitter @garen_garen FB-Garen.eggleston@aol.com Instagram Garwoodbumstead plan to play at least 35-40 times in 8 weeks average at least 4 times a week and normally 5-6 times a week current goodies TM driver Hopkins 16° fairway Titleist hybrids 21° & 24° Tour Edge 4 iron Cobra forged tour 6-pw, circa 2018 ( slight cavity back) Titleist 52° Cleveland 56° sw Cleveland 60° lob dream set Speed zone driver 9.5° with 55gram tour regular shaft Speed zone 16° fairway similar shaft speed zone hybrid -21° speed zone hybrid 24° Tour forged irons with 110 gram KBS shafts 5-pw wedges - black stiff 50°-56°-60° Interested in one length so Tour Tec one length is my choice
  11. Garen Eggleston The villages Florida handicap 14 Cobra Tour forged Icons I have been looking at them for a while and would love the chance to test , play 4-5 times a week here in Florida
  12. Ray Cook cart bag The Villages Florida Looking for a cart bag that will handle keeping lunch and water cold during a round
  13. Here in Florida we continue to play but must carry our own beverages daily , the convenience of having a bag that could keep beverages cold would be a wonderful idea . I play golf almost everyday so this could be a game breaking item for people like me that carry beverages daily , and sandwiches for lunch . Love to give it a try
  14. I’ve been playing since the year of 1969 so 51 years , my cousin let hit his clubs with plastic whiffle balls back in the mid 60’s then another cousin took on the course first time in 69 . Handicap has been everywhere from 4- 16 as it is now . my love of golf is multifunctional, it’s a game I love alone or with my adult sons or with my best friends or strangers My Golf Spy attracted me with its reviews and true tests that were results driven not sponsor driven , I especially enjoy the No Putts Given sessions as quite informative and have found myself more and more logging on to check out the latest I’m originally from Ohio but have relocated here in Central Florida in The Villages where I can stay active now that we are retired. I love being able to play every month of the year and log over 200 rounds yearly . All the Villages courses are my home course now and winter golf isn’t nearly as well conditioned as summer when there’s less play . I’m retired from The Kroger Company after 45 years there in many capacities. Hi Garwood is my name here , picked it up in the early 80’s on a Myrtle Beach good trip
  15. Actually swing a Baligh item daily to increase speed so the speed sticks could be better
  16. Lady Lakes Florida 69 above average fitness driver speed 100+
  17. Garen Lady Lakes Florida swing speed - 105 17.1 headed down always loved the classic look of Hogan won a set of Edge back in the 90’s that my son played his entire HS career with
  18. Garwood


  19. Garen-Florida index 18.7( due to my irons ) Cobra Tour 145 carry I’m a senior player with pretty high swing speed for my age group and play still KBS shafts tour 120 so would love to try the pings as I owned a set about 30 years ago and wasn’t in love with them and would love to try again , I play over 200 rounds a year
  20. Garen Eggleston The Villages Florida Fujikura Pro 60 R currently 100+ at times over 105 I own a PGR monitor that gives speed , distance and carry play and practice 5-7 days a week I would prefer less spin and tighter dispersion
  21. Garen Eggleston Lady lakes Fl handicap 14.6 I would be a critical tester due to my experience with Skycaddie devices previously. I owned 3 of their first gen handhelds and they lasted less than a year , and after purchasing their info was extremely disappointed . Sent them back and each time received NO customer service that was satisfactory .
  22. Garen Eggleston swing speed 104+ Titleist Pro V 1X played Maxfli HT back when they were balata tour x ball would be great
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