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  1. 1.Jon, Canada 2.19 handicap 3.I have used your standard 10 foot putt trainer with auto ball return. So I have practiced power but not so much accuracy. I have started tracking putts and am working on managing 2 putts per hole max.
  2. Hey MGS fans let's see how I do on the questions. 1. I started 16 years ago with a couple friends bout a brand new set of irons and a bag at a grand opening sale. Friends slowly separated as we got older and now within my work we seem to be able to come up with a foursome every 2 weeks or so. 2. My bag is a mix of old and new. Started with a set of Callaway X-16 steelhead irons, have slowly added Callaway Diablo 3 and 5 wood. Recently adding a Titleist D17D2 driver and replaced my freebie putters with a Ping sigma 2. Also added a Titleist SM6 58 degree wedge. 3. Not sure what brings me to MSG yet. Never know where things will take you. 4.Originally from central British Columbia Canada, now residing in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. 5.Worst part about golf where i live is winter shutting it down for 6 months of the year. Best part is mountain golf and the variety available. 6.For work I manage airport security. 7.User Name is my name.
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