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  1. PSA - Bigger sale is going on at the moment. Use promo code M10 for additional savings. Over $500 off the Mevo+Pro. Over $100 off the "regular" mevo. www.flightscopemevo.com/
  2. Current President's Day promotion. $400 off Mevo+ with Pro Package. Try promo code M10 or M15 for additional savings. www.flightscopemevo.com/
  3. On top of the current sales, you can save an additional 5% with promo code MEVO5. Comes out to a $500 discount on a brand new Mevo+ w/Pro Package when purchasing directly from FlightScope.
  4. FYI - FS is having one of their best sales yet this week. $400 savings on the Mevo+ Pro for those who are interested. www.flightscopemevo.com
  5. Any ball tests for putting? Putting and feel is so subjective, but I was just curious.
  6. FlightScope is doing their Fathers Day special pricing again. $300 off the Mevo+. No coupon needed at https://store.flightscopemevo.com/
  7. You may have seen this already but FlightScope is running a special for the PGA Championship. Discounts on the regular Mevo as well. I think it's only valid at flightscopemevo.com
  8. 100%. This is exactly what I use the pro package for as well. Someone sent me a $100 coupon code which helped.
  9. Thanks. I've heard great things about Cassique as well and we are trying to get on there. If not, we will likely do Osprey and possible the muni which I heard is pretty decent.
  10. I'm heading down in late April for 4 rounds. 2 on the Ocean Course, and two other rounds. What else would you suggest in the area? I hear the other resort courses are average and overpriced - yet convenient if staying on the island as we are. Happy for any and all suggestions. Thank you!
  11. Feel free to message me if you are interested in a discount on new Mevo+ from FlightScope.
  12. Try this link for a discount on the Pro Package. It may vary based on whether or not you are an existing user. https://store.flightscopemevo.com/products/mevo-plus-pro-package
  13. Fyi, FlightScope just announced their Masters week specials. https://store.flightscopemevo.com/ Message me if you're interested an additional discounts.
  14. FYI - the original deal on the Mevo is still valid. Message me if you are interested in the Mevo+.
  15. Active now! Mevo+ $200 OFF (10%) with free shipping Promo Code: HOLIDAYSO Link: Black Friday Mevo+ Mevo $75 OFF (15%) with free shipping Promo Code: HolidayMevoSO Link: Black Friday Mevo
  16. Active from 11/22-11/28 Mevo $75 OFF (15%) with free shipping Promo Code: FRIDAYMEVOSO Link: Black Friday Mevo
  17. FYI - FlightScope is having Black Friday sale on the Mevo+ this week. Promo code FRIDAYSO - 10% off plus free shipping. www.flightscopemevo.com
  18. Limited time only - FlightScope Mevo for $425 with free shipping at www.flightscopemevo.com $75 off (15%) ends on 11/7/21. Promo Code: FALLMEVOSO All discounts applied at checkout
  19. FYI - there's a Fall sale on the Mevo+ right now. $200 off and free shipping with promo code FALLSO at www.flightscopemevo.com
  20. FYI - there's a Fall sale on the Mevo+ right now. $200 off and free shipping with promo code FALLSO at www.flightscopemevo.com
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